New Highs In 2024
Total return index is within 1.1% of its prior all-time high from 1/3/22. The equity market is knocking on the door of new highs. The pattern of the s&p 500 looks like a cup and handle, which is a bullish formation. High-yield bonds have fared better than treasuries.
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Time Left In Secular Bull Equity Market - Part II
Time remaining in this secular bull equity market? brian gilmartin says the fomc is likely closer to cutting rates. He says the bond market is in a bear market, and the s&p 500 fell almost 20% from 2000 to 2009. The bond market may be in the midst of a recession, he says. Brian says monetary policy can change quickly.
Seeking Alpha · 20h ago
Bill Ackman Makes U-Turn, Bets On Rate Cuts, Possible Hard Landing
Billionaire investor bill ackman made a u-turn and is betting big on rate cuts as fears of an economic hard landing mount. Ackman placed a big bet on long-term interest rates surging in august before cashing out in october. The hedge fund manager is now betting on the fed to cut rates as soon as q1.
Seeking Alpha · 21h ago
Weekly Market Pulse: Is The S&P 500 Still Uninvestable?
Joseph calhoun: is the s&p 500 still uninvestable? tadamichi says the economic data for the week was positive. He says the market is pricing in low interest rates for next year. Joe says the value index is up nearly 15% since the start of the year.
Seeking Alpha · 21h ago
S&P 500: Why 2024 Could Be The Worst Year Since 2008
S&p500 had a strong november, boosting investor confidence in a soft landing scenario for the economy. Eugenio catone predicts a recession in the second half of 2024. Catone says high interest rates, rising default rates, and a potential yield curve inversion contribute to his negative outlook.
Seeking Alpha · 23h ago
2024: Where Hopes For A 'Soft Landing' Go To Die
Equities had one of their best months in years in november due to falling rates and inflation fears. Bret jensen says a recession and a bear market in equities likely lies ahead in 2024. He believes the u.s. Economy is on the cusp of a recession. Jensen believes a recession is more than a 50/50 chance.
Seeking Alpha · 23h ago
Sentiment Speaks: Santa May Be Bringing Coal For Christmas
Market may decline just when most are expecting a santa rally, says avi gilburt. The market presents investors with a game based in psychology, says ugurhan. Most market participants are playing a game of go-fish, he says. The market's ultimate goal is to divine the correct direction of the stock market.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Time For Markets To Break Free?
Terence reilly says the s&p 500 has been stuck in a trading range for two years. He says investors seem to be chasing higher-risk assets or "beta" right now. The market is primed for a selloff, he says, but conditions are not in place for a significant selloff.
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CDT Insider Sentiment Ratio November 2023: Normal-Positive Sentiment
Cdt capital management says november was the best month for insider activity since july of 2022. The positive trend in insider activity is consistent with the broadening-out of the 2023 stock market rally. The market had a buyer's strike in october, but activity quickly rebounded in november. Insider sentiment appears to be in favor of the market.
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S&P 500 Recorded Its 2nd Best November Since 1980: Strategists See Bullish 6 Months Ahead
The benchmark s&p 500 index rallied 8.9% in november. The rally marked the second-biggest november gain recorded by the index since 1980. November 2023 marked the 18th biggest monthly gain since 1950, according to lpl financial. Declining bond yields and seasonal tailwinds helped fuel the rally.
Benzinga · 1d ago
Top 10 trades for 2024 - BofA
Bofa calls for the s&p 500 to end 2024 at 5,000, up around 9% from current levels. Bofa securities strategist michael hartnett also names his top 10 trades for 2024. The strategist says the stock market can push higher next year, but it will be a tough year.
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Weekly Commentary: Rule Of Thumb
The s&p 500 returned 9.13% during november, with the nasdaq 100 returning 10.82%. The nyse arca gold bugs index (hui) surged 11.20% in november. Market expectations for the fed funds rate at the january 2025 meeting collapsed 52 bps this week.
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Weekly Report: what happened at IVV last week (1127-1201)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
S&P 500: Bullish, Unless - Week Starting 4th December (Technical Analysis)
S&p 500 is bullish in all timeframes but the 4607 level is major resistance. A consolidation is likely into christmas with no major catalyst in sight. The s&p is approaching the 2023 high and is set to make new highs in december. The weekly and monthly charts are bullish, but the rally is unlikely to last.
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The Stock Market: Ready For A Move?
John m. Mason says the future of the stock market seems to rest with the federal reserve. He says investors are expecting interest rates to come down. The fed's policy rate of interest is expected to stay at 5.33 percent, he says. Mason: investors are looking to the future to see what the fed will do with interest rates.
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A Massive Data Dump May Lead To A Steeper Yield Curve And Then The Real Fun Begins
Weak ism manufacturing report suggests stagflation may be becoming entrenched. Jolts data expected to show a decrease in job openings, while ism services index is predicted to rise. The combination of high job demand and limited supply of workers may contribute to increased wage growth.
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December 2023 Monthly
The global economy appears to be entering a new phase. The us economy is expected to slow sharply in q4, with a broad slowdown in consumption, government spending, and business investment. Global central banks are facing challenges in responding to new threats to price stability. The eurozone and uk economies continue to struggle.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
What Do We Expect For Markets In 2024?
Invesco's 2024 investment outlook discusses the balancing act between controlling inflation and preventing economic deterioration. Kristina hooper and alessio de longis discuss what investors should expect for markets in 2024. Hooper says investors should anticipate a broadening of the market and consider adding cyclical risk to portfolios.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Slowly The Long Leading Indicators Turn... 'Less Bad'?
Long leading indicators remain negative, but several have turned less negative than they had been. Short leading indicators are neutral, with declining gas prices fueling positive yoy consumer spending. November's economic data was mixed, but the economy is improving. The long leading indicators and credit conditions remain negative but are turning less negative.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Federal Reserve Watch: Are Markets Ready To Rise?
Real gdp grew by 3.00 percent, year-over-year. The stock market seems to be poised to move higher in december 2023. The federal reserve's securities portfolio has declined by $1.2 trillion since the start of quantitative tightening. John m. Mason believes quantitative tightening will continue into 2024.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
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