Baby Boomers Better Get Out Of The Stock Market Now
Seeking Alpha · 3h ago
Megacaps must boost guidance to thwart 'epic' momentum reversal
Tech Megacaps must boost guidance to thwart 'epic' momentum reversal, Goldman Sachs says. The Russell 2000 posted the most powerful five-day outperformance vs. The S&P 500 in at least 40 years. The rotation from the megacap tech momentum trade to small-caps will persist until big names raise revenue guidance.
Seeking Alpha · 7h ago
S&P 500: Evidence Of A Top, Week Starting July 22nd (Technical Analysis)
The S&P 500 (SPY) continued higher to 5669 on Tuesday before reversing and dropping to a Friday low of 5497. Bearish signals were in place last weekend. The monthly and weekly charts have potential reversal patterns. The major Fib level at 5638 is ripe for a major reversal. The Nasdaq has closed higher in July 16 times in a row.
Seeking Alpha · 9h ago
Week Ahead: U.S. Dollar To Extend Recovery While Stocks Correct Lower
The consolidative phase for the dollar, after its recent drop, is evolving into a proper upside correction. Japan's economy appears to have recovered in Q2. The flash July PMI, the Bank of Canada meeting, and the Q2 US GDP estimate are highlights in the weekend ahead.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Weekly Indicators: No Negative Components Of Coincident Metrics
Weekly indicators provide a good "nowcast" of the economy. Long leading indicators show improvements in interest rates and credit spreads. For the first time in a long time, there was not a single negative component among the coincident indicators. In general, the yield curve measures remain negative.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Weekly Commentary: Election On The Brink
Americans fear their country is spiraling out of control following an assassination attempt on Donald Trump. This week likely marked the onset of a period of de-risking/deleveraging. The S&P 500 was at record highs in Monday's trading. Doug Noland offers his weekly market commentary.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
Wall Street Exclusive: 'Mean Reversion'
Home Market Outlook Today's Market Wall Street Exclusive: 'Mean Reversion' Fear & Greed Trader Investing Group Leader BsWei shares his view on the market. He says investors need to turn their attention from the "Magnificent Seven" to alternatives. The economy has been resilient despite the fears of a recession.
Seeking Alpha · 1d ago
CB Leading Economic Index: Continued To Trend Down In June
The latest Conference Board Leading Economic Index decreased in June to its lowest level since April 2020. The index fell 0.2% from the previous month to 101.1. The decline continued to be fueled by gloomy consumer expectations, weak new orders and negative interest rate spread. CB Leading Economic index: Continued To Trend Down In June.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
What SocGen's Edwards sees bursting the tech bubble and sending the Nasdaq crashing
Societe Generale's Albert Edwards says the Nasdaq and S&P 500 look vulnerable to a dot-com style crash. The tech sector accounts for 35% of the S&p 500's market capitalization. Edwards sees a decline in expectations for tech earnings growth outstripping actual growth.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
Probing For Potential Market Downside Using Technical Analysis
Technology stocks slide, the Nasdaq 100 is down 4.5% from its all-time high, and small-cap rotation ends abruptly. Small caps surged 11.5 percent in 5 days, RSI is overbought, and support level at $212. The S&P 500 Index may escape correction with a 5% pullback, watching for entry points.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
The Stock Market Unwind May Have Only Just Begun
Equities pulled back this week due to rising volatility and implied correlations. The 1-month implied correlation index reached historic lows on July 12. Realized and implied volatility levels have been increasing. The stock market faces challenges with rising implied correlations, higher valuations, and increased implied volatility.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
Markets look overvalued and stretched – Morningstar Research’s David Sekera
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
S&P 500 year-end price target raised to 5,900 at UBS on AI strength, profit growth
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
SP500: It May Be A Bubble Burst With A Recession
The recent labor market data continues to point to a borderline recession. The rotation out of mega-cap tech stocks points to a Gen AI bubble burst. The S&P 500 is facing a recessionary bear market with a bubble burst in the tech stocks. The recession could produce a deep drawdown in the corporate earnings of the SP500.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
Should FlexShares US Quality Large Cap ETF (QLC) Be on Your Investing Radar?
NASDAQ · 2d ago
Should iShares Russell Top 200 ETF (IWL) Be on Your Investing Radar?
NASDAQ · 2d ago
Unemployment Claims Up 20K, Worse Than Expected
Initial jobless claims were up 20,000 to 243,000 in the week ending July 13th. The latest reading is higher than the forecast of 229,000. Initial unemployment claims measure the number of people who filed for unemployment insurance for the first time in the past week. The four-week moving average is currently at 234,750.
Seeking Alpha · 2d ago
SA interview: Apex Trader Funding talks stocks, Biden-Trump, why cash is a good position
Apex Trader Funding's Dan Cook says holding some cash and getting exposure to small- and mid-cap stocks is a good position for investors. Cook says he's not riding the Biden-Trump train, but thinks the markets will be volatile in the next few months. He says the Russell 2000 and small-caps are a good way to position yourself.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
AAII Sentiment Survey: Neutral Sentiment Decreases
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
Fiduciary Management Q2 2024 Investment Strategy Outlook
Global stock markets were mixed in the second quarter, with growth continuing to outperform value. Economic growth in the U.S. Has been resilient, while Europe and Japan have been softer. Growth outperformed value by over 10% in the period, according to Fiduciary Management.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
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