Asian Markets Mixed, Europeans In The Red; Gold Stays Above $2K, Crude Oil Remains Over $75 - Global Markets Today While US Was Sleeping
U.s. Stock markets closed in the red on monday, november 27th. Healthcare and industrials saw the most significant drops. U.s. New home sales in october fell 5.6% to 679,000, below estimates. In the s&p 500, real estate and consumer discretionary sectors had most gains.
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Asian And European Markets Dip; Gold Trades Above $2K, Crude Oil Approaches $75 - Global Markets Today While US Was Sleeping
U.s. Stock markets closed mixed on friday, november 24th. The dow jones industrial average gained 0.33% and the s&p 500 was up 0.06%. Asian stock markets mostly saw declines, driven by unfavorable signals from china. U.s.'s services pmi increased to 50.8 in november, the highest in four months.
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Weekly Report: what happened at IEUR last week (1120-1124)?
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Flash PMIs Signal Jobs Decline As Economic Malaise Drifts Into Fourth Month
Business activity across the four largest developed economies - the g4 - fell for a fourth successive month in november. The decline was again led by the eurozone, though the downturn showed signs of bottoming out. Early pmi survey data for november from s&p global showed the major developed economies collectively contracting marginally.
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Week Ahead: U.S. PCE Deflator, EMU CPI, China PMI, OPEC+, And COP28
Home market outlook forex analysis week ahead: u.s. Pce deflator, emu cpi, china pmi, opec+, and cop28. The dollar fell against all the g10 currencies last week. High-frequency economic data to watch includes the us cpi, eurozone's preliminary cpi, and china's pmi.
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Short Note For The Day After Thanksgiving
Foreign exchange market remains subdued with major currencies fluctuating around +/- 0.2%. China considers new efforts to support the property market, leading to a rally in developer stocks. Uk's pmi was better than expected and the euro is near the high for the week. Peshkov says the foreign exchange market is subdued.
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EUR Direction And Curve
Ecb is likely already at its interest rate peak and will likely cut rates in 2024, ing says. Inflation is still above 4% and the inflation challenge is not over. Structural factors are keeping long-end rates more elevated. Ing economists expect a 125bp reduction in ecb policy rates before mid-2025.
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Markets Welcome The Latest Inflation News From The U.S., Eurozone, And U.K.
Market markets welcome inflation reports from the us, eurozone, and uk. Kristina hooper says the disinflation trend continues. She says markets are anticipating a global economic recovery. Hooper: inflation reports suggest that their rate hike cycles may have come to an end.
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Even Higher For Longer If Markets Keep Fighting Central Banks, ECB's Wunsch Explains. The Fed Has Same Problem
Central banks are "tightening" in order to tighten financial conditions in the markets, says wolf richter. Rate-cut bets have been piling up as central bankers are interpreted as "dovish" by markets. But these bets could actually trigger the opposite: a rate hike, he says.
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Corrective Forces Help The Dollar Stabilize
Corrective forces helped the dollar stabilize yesterday and it is firmer today. The dollar stabilizes and strengthens against the euro and yen, while also gaining against most emerging market currencies. Gold consolidates around $2000 after a 1% jump and the nikkei is down.
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Soft Landing For Deal-Making In Q4 2023?
Worldwide m&a activity fell 27% in the first three quarters of 2023 to hit $2trn. Deal activity involving sustainable companies dropped 15% to a three-year low of $111bn. China led the market for sustainable deals, taking an 18% market share. Deal-makers in europe suffered a 7% aggregate pay-cut.
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2024 Thematic Outlook: 3 Themes To Get Investors Off The Sidelines
A more volatile macroeconomic regime may mean investors need to demand greater compensation for taking on equity risk. Investors can meet this higher performance bar by getting precise compensation for their investments. Thematic outlook: 3 themes to get investors off the sidelines. Blackrock's global market analysis.
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Weekly Report: what happened at IEUR last week (1113-1117)?
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Week Ahead: How Hard Will Officials Push Against The Easing Of Financial Conditions?
Soft us price data and weaker economic data suggest a convergence of negative factors for the dollar. The us dollar's gains from july are being retraced, with a high degree of uncertainty in the post-covid business cycle. The world's largest economy is going to slow in q4, says welcomia.
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Eurozone Wage Growth Is Set To Peak Soon
Eurozone wage growth is set to peak before the middle of next year. Slowing inflation, a cooling labour market, and lower expected corporate revenues make a peak likely. This could open the door to earlier rate cuts from the european central bank. The eurozone labour market is cooling off and industry employment is expected to shrink.
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Yen Leads Charge Against The Dollar Amid Falling Rates
Yen is leading against the dollar due to short covering in the japanese bond market and a decline in us rates. European yields are lower, uk retail sales disappoint, and italian bonds rally ahead of moody's rating update. All g10 currencies are stronger, as are most emerging market currencies.
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Asian Markets Mixed; Europe In Green, Crude Oil Below $75, Gold Nears $2K - Global Markets Today While US Was Sleeping
U.s. Stock markets closed mixed on thursday, november 16th. Dow jones industrial average declined 0.13%, the s&p 500 was up 0.12%, and the nasdaq closed mixed. Cisco and walmart's weak forecasts contributed to the market's mixed close.
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Different Strokes In Economic Growth
Recent consumer price inflation releases in the us, eurozone and uk have all surprised to the downside. We continue to expect monetary policy pivots in advanced economies from 2024. The eurozone's economic performance has disappointed consensus expectations. Global pmi data indicate a broad-based loss of momentum. Recent news on inflation has been more encouraging.
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When Will It Again Be Safe To Invest In Eurozone Stocks?
Investors in eurozone stocks have been taken for a roller-coaster ride this year. In march, market sentiment worsened as european economies appeared to be entering a stage of stagnation. These stocks performed strongly during the first several months of 2023. The most recent economic data for the eurozone imply that the recession is getting worse in the current quarter.
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FTSE Lags EU And U.S. Markets, But Time For Catch Up With Global Indices?
Home market outlook: ftse lags eu and u.s. Markets, but time for catch up with global indices? fawad razaqzada says some positive data out of china, the uk, and the us this week may mean the worst is behind us. He says the ftse has climbed back above its 21-day moving average and is showing signs of momentum.
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