Big Tech Not The Only Sector Lifting Equity Markets
Td asset management's ben gossack says the magnificent seven may not be the key driver for markets. Ben says other sectors beyond big tech are fueling gains in the equity market. Greg bonnell looks at some of the other trends driving markets higher.
Seeking Alpha · 5h ago
New Volatility Lows For 2023 Indicate A Coming Overdue Small Correction
Market volatility index closed on friday at 12.46, one tick above its annual low for 2023. Ivan martchev says the market will likely make further gains by the end of the year. He believes the market is overdue for a small correction. Martchev believes investors have been looking for dips to buy and they haven't been coming.
Seeking Alpha · 18h ago
Weekly Report: what happened at GRPM last week (1120-1124)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Market Cap Less Of A Factor In Performance
There is little correlation between market cap and performance in mid and small-cap stocks, suggesting the days of buying the largest stocks may be numbered. Across the s&p 500, the average performance of stocks in the index is a gain of 9.5% since the 10/27 close. There is less correlation between performance and market cap in the mega-cap space.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
AI: The Story That Won't Go Away
7 companies were the only thing driving the market for much of the first half of the year. The magnificent seven still account for 30 percent of the s&p 500's market capitalization. Today's market ai features the home market outlook for the week of nov. 23.
Seeking Alpha · 5d ago
Q3 Earnings Reveal Big Dispersion, Bigger Need For Stock Selection
Fundamental equities investor carrie king looks at two areas where earnings dispersion may be creating opportunity for stock pickers. Q3 earnings season had a return to positive earnings growth for the first time since q3 2022. Earnings for s&p 500 companies largely came in better than expected for q3. Cyclicals are doing better than non-cyclicals despite fears of recession.
Seeking Alpha · 6d ago
That's A Wrap - Q3 Earnings Season Closes Out With Final Retail Reports Ahead Of Black Friday
Home earnings analysis - q3 earnings season closes out with final retail reports ahead of black friday. Some encouraging economic data (cpi, ppi) last week sustained markets. Retail closes out the third quarter season with results expected from lowe's, nordstrom, best buy and more.
Seeking Alpha · 6d ago
Pessimism Continues To Fall
There is a gradual thawing of the pessimism that has wracked equity prices since the end of 2021. The important economic trends continued to trend higher despite most investors expecting a recession. Retail investors have record cash levels and are not following fundamentals. Warren buffett does not worry about pessimism in the short term.
Seeking Alpha · 6d ago
Is The S&P 500 Broken?
One of the big stories of the year has been the lack of breadth in the performance of the us stock market. The seven largest companies are now a disproportionately large share of the overall s&p 500 at 29%. The equal weight index is up 5%. The "magnificent 7" of microsoft, amazon, apple, google, meta and tesla have generated 71% returns.
Seeking Alpha · 6d ago
Will Markets Stay Irrational In 2024?
Desmond lachman: over the past year, the s&p 500 has rallied by almost 20 percent despite troubling underlying economic and political fundamentals. He says the key question for investors is whether markets will continue to ignore those fundamentals in the year ahead. He says the fragility of the us and world financial system in a high interest rate environment is a concern.
Seeking Alpha · 11/21 02:25
S&P 500 Jumps As Positive Inflation News Takes Threat Of Near-Term Rate Hikes Off Table
The october 2023 consumer price inflation report came in slightly lower than expected. Positive inflation news takes the prospect of near-term rate hikes off the table. The s&p 500 had one of its best weeks in 2023. The index rose nearly 2.2% to 4510.54 on tuesday.
Seeking Alpha · 11/20 22:20
Weekly Report: what happened at GRPM last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 10:55
S&P 500 Q3 2023 Earnings Review: Aggregate Earnings Reach An All-Time High
Home earnings analysis s&p 500 q3 2023 earnings review: aggregate earnings reach an all-time high. Q3 saw minimal revisions heading into earnings season compared to the prior six quarters. The index reached a high in aggregate revenue during q2 and q3.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 04:20
Fall 2023 Snapshot Of Expected Future S&P 500 Earnings
Every three months, we take a snapshot of the expectations for future earnings in the s&p 500. Expectations for the index's future earnings per share through the end of 2023 has decreased from $200.27 to $196.02. Standard and poor's projections through 2024 indicate a smaller decline in earnings per shares.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 01:45
Prime Time For Bonds
Home investing strategy fixed income analysis prime time for bonds. The global economic outlook along with market valuations and asset class fundamentals all lead us to favor fixed income. We believe bonds have rarely been as attractive as they are today. In a rising-growth environment, bonds are poised to perform well.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 08:55
Will Shrink Strike Again? Dick's And Best Buy Highlight Week 2 Of Retail Earnings
This week will be a busy one for retail earnings and macro data. Dick's and best buy will be under the spotlight. Dick's sporting goods and specialty retail will report quarterly results. Consumer sentiment and retail sales will be the focus of the week. The u.s. Census bureau releases october retail sales and cpi data.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 06:35
Fall 2023 Snapshot Of The Future For S&P 500 Dividends
Outlook for s&p 500 quarterly dividends per share continued to improve during the month of 2023. The outlook dimmed as long-term interest rates spiked at the end of october 2023 and brightened in the weeks since. The drop in expected dividends for the index's dividends/share through 2024-q3 is substantial.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 05:55
The S&P 500 Rises With Fall Of Long-Term Treasury Yields
The s&p 500 gained nearly 1.2% over its previous week's close, ending the first full trading week of 2023 at 4409.95. The most interesting headlines of the week were related to a disappointing auction of 30-year u.s. Treasuries.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 09:20
S&P 500 Earnings: Forward Growth Estimates Starting To Be Reduced
Forward growth estimates for the s&p 500 are starting to be reduced. Crude oil and gasoline have fallen sharply in the last 6 weeks. I think the trimming or revising of lower forward growth estimates is a reflection of the fomc policy. Here's a table showing the quarterly "bottom-up" growth rates for forward quarters.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 06:11
2 Fed Presidents Audition For The Next Fed Chairmanship
2 fed presidents audition for the next fed chairmanship. S&p 500 on track to post 3.7% annual thirdquarter earnings growth. 85% of stocks in the s-p 500 have announced third-quarter results. Louis navellier says the energy sector is expected to lead the way.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 03:40
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