When Everything Is Said And Done, More Is Said Than Done
Japan's August CPI was unsettling.The dollar has not been able to resurface above JPY105 today for the first time since late July.The Fed's balance sheet jumped by nearly $54 bln last week to $7.06 trillion, its largest since the end of June.Canada reports July retail sales.
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Why The U.S.-Canada Exchange Rate Is Moving Amid The Pandemic
The Canadian dollar hit a multi-year low against the U.S. dollar in March 2020.A faster pace of reopening in Canada may have boosted Canada's dollar vs. the U.S. dollar since March.Commodity prices explain most of the variance in CADUSD.
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Powell Lets Steam Out Of Equities And Spurs Dollar Short-Covering
The Fed signaled rates would likely not be hiked for the next three years, and without additional measures, that appears to be the essence of the switch to an average inflation target.As widely expected, the BOJ did not alter its stance or its bond-buying operations.The US dollar is near the best levels of the month against the Canadian dollar. It rose to almost CAD1.3250 earlier today.
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Loonie Could See Significant Fall In Event Of U.S. Dollar Recovery
The Canadian dollar has shown some growth against the greenback, but comparatively less than that of other majors.Inflation remains very low in Canada, in large part due to weaker energy demand.Should we see a recovery in the greenback, I anticipate that the loonie will take a disproportionately larger hit than other majors.
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September 2020: Forex Relative Valuation And Trading Opportunities
The spread of coronavirus and the fear of the second round of lockdowns is the most important theme impacting global foreign exchange markets.The Swiss franc and Swedish krona look "overvalued."British pound is the most "undervalued" currency among the majors.
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Investor Anxiety Continues To Run High Despite Some Stability In The Capital Markets
Equities continued to slump in the Asia-Pacific region, with many large markets off more than 1%, led by Australia's more than 2% decline.Suga, the Chief Cabinet Secretary of the Abe Government, has emerged as the front-runner in the contest to be the next head of the LDP.We have long argued that a trade agreement this year was unlikely, and the new actions by the UK government add nails to the coffin.
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About That Dollar Bounce
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Position Adjustment Dominates Ahead Of U.S./Canada Employment Reports
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The Ripple Effects Of The Falling U.S. Dollar
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3 Reasons To Sell The Australian Dollar
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Markets Consolidate
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Corrective Pressures In The FX Market Prove Short-Lived
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Markets Looking For Fresh Directional Cues
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EUR/CAD Could Break Above 1.60, Invalidating Its Long-Term Bearish Trend
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Stronger EMU PMIs Fail To Recharge The Euro's Upside Momentum
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After Being Shellacked In July, The Dollar Is Poised To Correct Higher Ahead Of Jobs Data
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NZD/CAD Could Continue To Push Higher As Shifts In Terms Of Trade Continue To Favor Upside
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Greenback Ending Miserable Month With A Spark Of Resilience
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Greenback's Bounce Is Likely Short-Lived
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Greenback Slips Ahead Of The FOMC
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