Weekly Report: what happened at EWZ last week (1120-1124)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Week Ahead: U.S. PCE Deflator, EMU CPI, China PMI, OPEC+, And COP28
Home market outlook forex analysis week ahead: u.s. Pce deflator, emu cpi, china pmi, opec+, and cop28. The dollar fell against all the g10 currencies last week. High-frequency economic data to watch includes the us cpi, eurozone's preliminary cpi, and china's pmi.
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Short Note For The Day After Thanksgiving
Foreign exchange market remains subdued with major currencies fluctuating around +/- 0.2%. China considers new efforts to support the property market, leading to a rally in developer stocks. Uk's pmi was better than expected and the euro is near the high for the week. Peshkov says the foreign exchange market is subdued.
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ILF: Value Seen In Latin America, Patience Needed For The Breakout
Ishares latin america 40 etf has robust returns and relative strength compared to the s&p 500 in 2023. Ilf's portfolio is concentrated in large-cap value stocks in latin america and the caribbean. The fund has a high dividend yield and moderate expense ratio, but investors should be cautious.
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Deere CFO Says Demand In Brazil Weakened Much Faster Than Expected In The Second Half Of The Year
Benzinga · 6d ago
Corrective Forces Help The Dollar Stabilize
Corrective forces helped the dollar stabilize yesterday and it is firmer today. The dollar stabilizes and strengthens against the euro and yen, while also gaining against most emerging market currencies. Gold consolidates around $2000 after a 1% jump and the nikkei is down.
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Weekly Report: what happened at EWZ last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 11:22
Week Ahead: How Hard Will Officials Push Against The Easing Of Financial Conditions?
Soft us price data and weaker economic data suggest a convergence of negative factors for the dollar. The us dollar's gains from july are being retraced, with a high degree of uncertainty in the post-covid business cycle. The world's largest economy is going to slow in q4, says welcomia.
Seeking Alpha · 11/18 13:35
Yen Leads Charge Against The Dollar Amid Falling Rates
Yen is leading against the dollar due to short covering in the japanese bond market and a decline in us rates. European yields are lower, uk retail sales disappoint, and italian bonds rally ahead of moody's rating update. All g10 currencies are stronger, as are most emerging market currencies.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 12:30
Emerging Markets PMI Signal Further Loss Of Growth Momentum In October
Emerging markets pmi signal further loss of growth momentum in october. Global growth stalled in q4 as developed markets contracted and emerging market growth decelerated. Price pressures remained sticky in emerging markets, while developed economies saw lower selling price inflation. Growth momentum in emerging market weakest in 10 months.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 10:45
How Latin America Can Use Trade To Boost Growth
Most countries in latin america and the caribbean aren't fully harnessing the potential of international trade. Latin america would likely enjoy large economic gains by improving commercial infrastructure, such as transportation and customs. The region has made some progress on trade openness, but still needs to improve.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 10:15
Using Single-Country ETFs As Part Of A Tax-Loss Harvesting Strategy
This year’s pronounced divergence in market performance presents an opportune time for investors to consider tax-loss harvesting strategies with single-country exchange-traded fund allocations. Some markets benefit from positive macro and geopolitical catalysts that favor equities abroad. Investors can shed underperforming investments for losses in taxable accounts.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 08:00
Dollar Consolidates Amid Rate Volatility
Dollars are consolidating as interest rate swings continue. Us two-year yield has traded in a 28 bp range this week. Dollar bloc currencies are the poorest performing g10 currencies. European benchmark 10-year yields are mostly lower. Da-kuk: dollar consolidates amid rate volatility.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 12:10
The Pendulum Of Fed Expectations Swings Too Hard
Capital markets overreacted to softer-than-expected cpi, with implied yield of december 2024 fed funds futures falling by 25 bp. China's data were uninspiring, and more stimulus is in the pipeline. Most markets in asia pacific rose more than 1%. European benchmark yields are softer.
Seeking Alpha · 11/15 11:55
Weekly Report: what happened at EWZ last week (1106-1110)?
Weekly Report · 11/13 11:15
Emerging Trends In Emerging Markets
Home market outlook: emerging markets are becoming increasingly pivotal in shaping the global investment landscape. Blackrock predicts emerging market equities will outperform developed market equity over the next decade. Jeff spiegel, head of blackrock's fundamental equities business, shares his views on emerging markets.
Seeking Alpha · 11/13 01:40
Week Ahead: Softer Price Pressures And Weakness In Retail Sales Vs. USD
Home market outlook forex analysis week ahead: softer price pressures and weakness in retail sales vs. Usd. High-frequency us data next week is expected to show easing price pressures and cooling consumer demand. Recent dollar gyrations are closely tied to us rates, with the dollar weakening after the fomc meeting.
Seeking Alpha · 11/11 12:45
Emerging Market Insights: Middle East Impact Muted
Home market outlook today's market emerging market insights: middle east impact muted. The impact of slower economic growth balances the impact of an escalation in the middle east conflict on commodity prices. Franklin templeton: singles day in china is an opportunity for companies to adapt to consumers' demands.
Seeking Alpha · 11/10 13:41
Who Changed: Powell Or The Market?
Poor reception to 30-year treasury sale and powell's comments spooked investors, fueling a strong dollar recovery. Dollar in narrow ranges, holding on to most of yesterday's gains despite better-than-expected gdp figures. European equities are weaker, and futures are pointing to a lower open. Us dollar is up against all the g10 currencies, but weaker in asia.
Seeking Alpha · 11/10 12:25
Food Prices Drive China's CPI Lower, Greenback Mostly Firmer In Narrow Ranges
Dollar mostly firmer against g10 currencies, with emerging market currencies trading with softer bias. China's cpi falls to -0.2% yoy; producer prices fall in october after rising in september. Benchmark 10-year yields are up in europe, while equities are mostly higher in asia pacific.
Seeking Alpha · 11/09 12:45
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