Market Cap Less Of A Factor In Performance
There is little correlation between market cap and performance in mid and small-cap stocks, suggesting the days of buying the largest stocks may be numbered. Across the s&p 500, the average performance of stocks in the index is a gain of 9.5% since the 10/27 close. There is less correlation between performance and market cap in the mega-cap space.
Seeking Alpha · 3d ago
S&P 500 Jumps As Positive Inflation News Takes Threat Of Near-Term Rate Hikes Off Table
The october 2023 consumer price inflation report came in slightly lower than expected. Positive inflation news takes the prospect of near-term rate hikes off the table. The s&p 500 had one of its best weeks in 2023. The index rose nearly 2.2% to 4510.54 on tuesday.
Seeking Alpha · 11/20 22:20
Weekly Report: what happened at EQAL last week (1113-1117)?
Weekly Report · 11/20 11:37
Fall 2023 Snapshot Of Expected Future S&P 500 Earnings
Every three months, we take a snapshot of the expectations for future earnings in the s&p 500. Expectations for the index's future earnings per share through the end of 2023 has decreased from $200.27 to $196.02. Standard and poor's projections through 2024 indicate a smaller decline in earnings per shares.
Seeking Alpha · 11/17 01:45
Will Shrink Strike Again? Dick's And Best Buy Highlight Week 2 Of Retail Earnings
This week will be a busy one for retail earnings and macro data. Dick's and best buy will be under the spotlight. Dick's sporting goods and specialty retail will report quarterly results. Consumer sentiment and retail sales will be the focus of the week. The u.s. Census bureau releases october retail sales and cpi data.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 06:35
Fall 2023 Snapshot Of The Future For S&P 500 Dividends
Outlook for s&p 500 quarterly dividends per share continued to improve during the month of 2023. The outlook dimmed as long-term interest rates spiked at the end of october 2023 and brightened in the weeks since. The drop in expected dividends for the index's dividends/share through 2024-q3 is substantial.
Seeking Alpha · 11/16 05:55
The S&P 500 Rises With Fall Of Long-Term Treasury Yields
The s&p 500 gained nearly 1.2% over its previous week's close, ending the first full trading week of 2023 at 4409.95. The most interesting headlines of the week were related to a disappointing auction of 30-year u.s. Treasuries.
Seeking Alpha · 11/14 09:20
Weekly Report: what happened at EQAL last week (1106-1110)?
Weekly Report · 11/13 11:29
The S&P 500 Reverts Toward The Mean
The s&p 500 has gone on a winning streak since bottoming on 27 october 2023. The index is now within one and a half percent of the mean trend. Ironman at political calculations looks at the home market outlook for the week of nov. 09.
Seeking Alpha · 11/10 00:50
We Did The Math EQAL Can Go To $48
NASDAQ · 11/09 12:01
S&P 500 Gains Despite Bad Breadth
The s&p 500 is fighting for its eighth positive session in a row today. Net daily breadth was negative on monday and tuesday. The only prior instance with worse breadth over the course of the two up days was in july 2015. The index has been up on back-to-back days with negative daily breadth.
Seeking Alpha · 11/08 23:40
Should Invesco Russell 1000 Equal Weight ETF (EQAL) Be on Your Investing Radar?
NASDAQ · 11/08 11:20
We're Seeing A Massive Short Squeeze In Both Stocks And Bonds
Seeking Alpha · 11/07 02:05
Weekly Report: what happened at EQAL last week (1030-1103)?
Weekly Report · 11/06 11:35
Beware The Doomsayers - S&P 500 Earnings Should Be Fine
Seeking Alpha · 11/06 06:56
Deconstructing The Dynamic Duo Of Stocks And Bonds
Seeking Alpha · 11/02 08:47
A Change In Market Regime For The S&P 500?
Seeking Alpha · 10/30 19:20
Weekly Report: what happened at EQAL last week (1023-1027)?
Weekly Report · 10/30 11:56
S&P 500 Earnings Update: Earnings Are In Good Shape; Earnings Yield Jumps To 5.80%
Seeking Alpha · 10/28 01:15
The Trick Behind The Halloween Strategy
Seeking Alpha · 10/26 03:25
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