ETFs that track the S&P, Dow, & Nasdaq have all plunged
Benchmark exchange traded funds that track the three major averages have started off Thursday’s trading session well into the red. The slide has come as market participants look to unload
Seekingalpha · 06/16 14:46
Hard-Landing Dread Eclipses Brief Rally in Emerging Stocks
Bloomberg · 06/05 16:00
Bonds Are Suddenly Getting Love From Investors Hedging Recession
Bloomberg · 04/30 16:28
A Bond Hedge Crushes All Rival ETFs to Post 57% Gain
Bloomberg · 04/20 13:52
Roundhill Waits Eight Months to Launch Its WEED ETF on 4/20
Bloomberg · 04/20 13:00
Treasuries Rally, Emboldening Bond Bulls Who See an Inflation Peak
Bloomberg · 04/20 12:47
Medical-Device Stocks Surge Most Since 2020 After J&J Results
Bloomberg · 04/19 16:31
U.S., China-Focused ETFs Lure Korean Day Traders as Kospi Slides
Bloomberg · 04/09 00:00
Health Care Stocks Have Record Week as Investors Run for Safety
Bloomberg · 04/08 20:20
Bank ETF Posts Biggest Cash Exodus Since 2020 Ahead of Earnings
Bloomberg · 04/08 17:27
Troubled Barclays VIX Note Sees $124 Million in Mystery Outflows
Bloomberg · 04/08 15:18
Takeover of Anti-ARK Fund Is Just a Start as AXS Comes for Niche ETFs
Bloomberg · 04/08 14:09
Race for Shorting Bitcoin ETF Heats Up as Direxion Leapfrogs Rivals
Bloomberg · 04/08 13:52
Dimensional Plans Four Do-Good Funds in Latest ETF Expansion
Bloomberg · 04/08 13:19
Cathie Wood Says Fed Hiking Interest Rates Would Be a Mistake
Bloomberg · 04/02 22:27
Words of Wisdom From Mr. ETF
Bloomberg · 03/31 08:00
Hong Kong ETFs Lure Record $4.4 Billion on Stock Rebound Bets
Bloomberg · 03/30 22:00
Tech Stocks Are Defying Bond Warnings in Historic QQQ-TLT Funds Gap
Bloomberg · 03/30 20:47
Treasury Selloff Sends Yields Racing Past Limits of Bullish Era
Bloomberg · 03/26 20:00
High-Velocity Market Swings Have Roots in Economic Boom Thesis
Bloomberg · 03/26 19:35
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