BlackRock Is Defying Stock Chaos to Launch Small-Cap Value ETF
Few things divide opinion on Wall Street like the outlook for small-cap stocks or the fate of the value strategy. Yet most market players would probably agree it’s a tough time to launch a product combining the two.
Bloomberg · 10/29 13:30
Stock Rout Pushes Tech ETFs Toward Worst Outflow Since May 2019
Bloomberg · 10/29 12:06
Die-Hard Inflation Believers Get an ETF for ‘Enhanced’ Exposure
Traders convinced a revival of U.S. price growth is at hand can now double down with a bet that will profit not only from rising inflation, but also from expectations for more.
Bloomberg · 10/28 16:03
BRIC: Composite Economic Activity Indicators Q3 Results
Brazil Composite PMI ended Q3 2020 on a reading of 51.6 - an improvement on 31.8 in 2Q 2020.Russia Composite PMI stood at a strong 55.9 reading in 3Q 2020, up on 32.6 in 2Q 2020 and signaling an end to 2 consecutive quarters of sub-50 readings.India Composite PMI remained in recessionary territory in 3Q 2020 at 45.9, an improvement on the 19.9 in 2Q 2020.
Seekingalpha · 10/15 10:55
BRIC: Services PMIs Q3 Results
Brazil Services PMI stayed in the recession territory in 3Q 2020, with index reading coming in at 47.5, up on 30.3 in 2Q 2020, but still marking a third consecutive quarter of sub-50 readings.Russia Services PMI posted very strong recovery signals in 3Q 2020, although the September reading slipped to 53.7 (fast growth) from a blistering 58.5 and 58.2 in July and August, respectively.India Services PMI remains in contraction, with a 3Q 2020 reading of 41.9, an improvement on sharper rates of deterioration in 2Q 2020 at 17.2.
Seekingalpha · 10/15 10:47
Mysterious Mega-Flows Rotate Through World’s Biggest Tech ETF
The amount of cash cycling through one of the world’s largest exchange-traded funds is turning heads across Wall Street.
Bloomberg · 10/14 16:47
ETFs Beat 2020 Chaos With Help From Well-Timed SEC Rule Shake-Up
Bloomberg · 10/13 16:35
BRIC: Manufacturing PMIs Q3 2020
Brazil Manufacturing PMIs gained serious speed in 3Q 2020 compared to 2Q 2020.China Manufacturing PMI rose from 2Q 2020 reading of 50.4 to 3Q 2020 reading of 53.0.The ongoing recovery across the BRIC economies is faster than Global Manufacturing PMI recovery.
Seekingalpha · 10/06 08:49
Emerging Market Bonds: Part Of A Resilient Portfolio?
Despite a growing economic and technological decoupling between China and the West, the financial divide is actually shrinking.China's bond market - now the second largest in the world - has seen increased foreign participation, especially in its government bond market, where foreign ownership now exceeds 9%, up from a negligible level just a few years ago.The unknowns of the post-COVID-19 landscape demand greater attention to portfolio construction, and investors may wish to consider alternative paths to a more efficient portfolio and a diversified stream of returns.
Seekingalpha · 09/29 13:14
BRIC: Composite Economic Activity Indicators
Brazil Composite PMI for 3Q 2020 currently sits at 50.6, barely above the zero-growth line of 50.0 in statistical terms.Russia Composite PMI for 3Q 2020 is at blistering 57.1, suggesting a genuine recovery, albeit one-sided, driven by services sector rebound.Overall, BRIC economies' growth momentum is still subdued and largely performing worse than the Global Composite PMI indicator.
Seekingalpha · 09/10 14:52
BRIC: Services PMIs
Overall, BRIC Services Activity Index - a measure I compute using a range of data inputs, including Markit's PMIs - came in 49.9 in 3Q 2020 (to-date), an improvement on 2Q 2020's reading of 40.4 and above 1Q's reading of 44.9.Nonetheless, across the four largest EM economies, Services activity continues to contract for the third quarter in a row, nominally, and it is standing still statistically.In this, BRIC economies are distinct from the Global Services PMI indicator, which rose from 35.6 in 2Q 2020 to 51.3 in 3Q 2020 (to-date).
Seekingalpha · 09/10 14:40
BRIC: Manufacturing PMIs
Overall, BRIC Manufacturing activity index is at 52.3 as of the first two months of 3Q 2020, up from 45.0 in 2Q 2020 and 49.1 in 1Q 2020.The trend is for a substantial improvement over time, with the trough-to-peak swing currently at 7.3 points.The index is outperforming Global Manufacturing PMI that currently sits at 51.2 for 3Q 2020, up 7.6 points on the trough in 2Q 2020.
Seekingalpha · 09/10 14:10
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