The Ghost of ‘Volmageddon’ Is Back to Haunt New Volatility Funds
Forget a Bitcoin ETF. For many Wall Street stock traders the most eagerly awaited exchange-traded funds are just as speculative -- and even more controversial.
Bloomberg · 4d ago
Women Are Taking Top Jobs at Fund Companies, But Their Ranks Aren’t Growing
About 14% of fund managers are women. That’s the same as it was in 2000.
Bloomberg · 4d ago
Space ETFs Hit Canada With One Tapping Wood’s Ark to Subadvise
The craze for space exploration exchange traded funds has reached Canada with two new launches this week including one counting Cathie Wood’s ARK Investment Management LLC as a subadviser.
Bloomberg · 04/01 17:01
Biggest Credit ETF Bleeds $3.6 Billion in Worst-Ever Month
After a blowout 2020 for corporate debt, exchange-traded fund investors are quickly souring on those bonds.
Bloomberg · 04/01 16:33
Cathie Wood Storms Back as ARKK, Space Fund Lure $1 Billion
Bloomberg · 04/01 11:08
Amundi Said to Lead Bidding for SocGen’s Lyxor Fund Business
Bloomberg · 04/01 09:27
Whoa, That ETF Got Big
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Bloomberg · 04/01 08:00
Even Richard Branson's SPAC Is Struggling Now
The sudden cooling off in the SPAC market could disrupt previously announced deals.
Bloomberg · 04/01 06:45
Gold Is Getting That Inflation Feeling Again
The prospect of higher interest rates is bad news for the ultimate shiny yellow zero-coupon long-duration asset.
Bloomberg · 04/01 04:00
If Your Mutual Fund Becomes an ETF, Here’s Why
Bloomberg · 04/01 04:00
‘Green Tidal Wave’ Lifts Clean Energy Stocks With Biden Plan
Bloomberg · 03/31 14:42
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