‘Frenzy’ for Airline Stocks Spurs Dislocations in $2 Billion ETF
Bloomberg · 11/10 16:08
World’s Biggest ETF Lures $9.8 Billion in a Day on Vaccine Hope
The largest exchange-traded fund in the world is also the biggest loser this year, but at this rate it won’t be for long.
Bloomberg · 11/10 13:16
Bond Exodus Vindicated After $1.2 Billion Flow From Treasury ETF
Bloomberg · 11/09 15:12
Biden’s Victory Triggers Largest EM ETFs Inflows in 10 Months
Bloomberg · 11/09 12:59
What Could A Divided Government Mean For U.S. Stocks?
The prospects for a major fiscal stimulus package have decreased, but other supportive factors remain in place.As we wait for the votes to be counted, and perhaps recounted, in some key states, we've gotten some questions about the potential for a divided government and what it could mean for markets if the White House and Congress are split between parties.I believe that investors, at a minimum, can rest easy knowing that meaningful change is probably not forthcoming.
Seekingalpha · 11/08 18:45
Week Ahead - What Next After Election Mayhem?
I think it's safe to say, last week more than lived up to expectations. We may never see a US election like it again. What is remarkable is how relaxed traders have been throughout.Many expect the central bank to announce further easing measures in December, once the election is resolved and with new economic projections to guide them.China Trade Balance and FX Reserves released tomorrow. Both may slow due to the long October holiday, but it will take a big downward surprise in exports to trip up the bullish China story on Monday morning.
Seekingalpha · 11/08 18:10
Market Surges As Election Turns Into Optimal Outcome
After reducing equity risk in portfolios over the last few weeks, we suggested last week the "selling" was likely overdone.It was quite the reversal. The rally pushed the market back above the 50-dma and lower highs' previous downtrend. Such sets the market up for a retest of all-time highs next week.However, before you get all excited and go throwing your money into the market, you may want to step back and re-evaluate your risk.
Seekingalpha · 11/08 14:20
Weekly Commentary: Critical Juncture
We've grown accustomed to the "new normal": Stock market ebullience even as the country suffers through a distressing confluence of hardships.It is deeply disappointing to witness an election where seemingly everyone comes out of the process only further disillusioned.This is a critical juncture in our nation's history. Let's agree to disagree on many issues. Let's be civil.
Seekingalpha · 11/08 12:48
Everything Rally Burns Investors Who Piled Into Junk-Bond Shorts
Bloomberg · 11/06 17:24
Triple-Leveraged Tech ETF Saw Record Outflows During Stock Rally
During this week’s massive technology rally, a $9.8 billion triple-leveraged ETF tracking the Nasdaq 100 suffered its biggest-ever exodus.
Bloomberg · 11/06 17:22
In a Market Powered by Tech Stocks, Cathie Wood Is a Big Winner
With help from Tesla, the money manager could be the first star of exchange-traded funds.
Bloomberg · 11/06 10:00
Tech Haters Schooled in Risk of Valuations as Market Timing Tool
Bloomberg · 11/05 12:56
Russia’s Top Gold Buyer Bets on Precious Metals as Virus Rages
VTB Bank PJSC, Russia’s second-biggest lender, is betting on gold and other precious metals to boost profits this year as investors flock to havens amid the global pandemic.
Bloomberg · 11/05 11:07
U.S. 2020 Election Investment Pulse: No Blue Wave Lessens Policy Uncertainty
The race for US president has not yet been decided.Though there appears to be some certainty over Congressional makeup, with a split maintained between Democrat and Republican majorities in the two chambers.Our Katie Klingensmith talks with our Head of Equities, Stephen Dover, and co-CIO of ClearBridge, Scott Glasser for their thoughts on why this might be a good thing for equities.
Seekingalpha · 11/05 08:21
What Commodity Performance Tells Us About Economic Recovery
Within the various commodity sectors there are certain products that have outperformed others as the market recovered.Outperformance within groups is one of the keys to understanding the nature of commodity prices in relation to economic forecasts.Especially in the wake of changing central bank policy.
Seekingalpha · 11/05 08:14
Sports Betting Stocks Rally After States Back Legalization
Companies that offer online sports gambling like DraftKings Inc., Penn National Gaming Inc., and Flutter Entertainment Plc rallied Wednesday morning after a trio of states voted in favor of ballot measures aimed at legalizing sports betting and other gaming expansion.
Bloomberg · 11/04 13:18
Stay-at-Home Nasdaq Trade Reasserts Itself Amid U.S. Vote
A familiar sight emerged in stock charts as early returns suggested a tight presidential race: Lopsided gains in tech shares that have come to be known as the stay-at-home trade.
Bloomberg · 11/04 09:21
BTIG seeks 'clarity' - and investment ideas - in any U.S. election outcome
"What will We the People wake up to on 11/4?" asks BTIG, in an election-themed note "in search of clarity" in a market overwhelmed by key themes, particularly the coronavirus
Seekingalpha · 11/04 00:18
Technically Speaking: Rules To Navigate A Contentious Election
Investors need a clear set of rules to navigate a contentious election.Ample warning signs suggest the risks of having excessive equity exposure to the market outweighs the potential for reward.At least for now.
Seekingalpha · 11/03 12:01
Grappling With Gridlock: U.S. Election Update
How election results affect our positioning.We believe a blue sweep is negative for our 'Where' stage in U.S. equities because of its antibusiness policies; that negativity is offset in the 'Why' stage because of ability to push through more fiscal stimulus.What matters is not only which party has the majority, but how big the majority is.
Seekingalpha · 11/03 08:48
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