China surpasses U.S. as top destination for foreign investment
Global foreign direct investment ((FDI)) collapsed in 2020, falling by 42% to an estimated $859B, from $1.5T in 2019. In fact, FDI finished 2020 more than 30% below the trough
Seekingalpha · 2d ago
Kenyan Bourse Eyes Incubator for Record Listings This Year
The Nairobi Securities Exchange plans to expand the Kenyan market with four publicly traded companies and as many corporate bonds in 2021, in what could be its best year yet of new listings.
Bloomberg · 6d ago
Day-Trader Frenzy for Trendy Stocks Is Defying Decades of Losses
Bloomberg · 6d ago
Five ETFs to Watch in 2021
Exchange-traded funds—some low-cost and boring, others highly concentrated—that discerning investors should consider.
Bloomberg · 6d ago
Welcome to 2021 With Barry Ritholtz
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Bloomberg · 6d ago
Fallen-Angel ETF Doubles to $1 Billion as ‘Covid Discount’ Fades
Bloomberg · 01/20 16:11
Vanguard Signals Fee War Intensifies With Active Bond ETF Plan
Bloomberg · 01/20 12:49
Big Oil Takes Unsteady Steps to Cut Transition Risk
For the least prepared in a low-carbon economy, the verdict is in.
Bloomberg · 01/20 11:00
China is the only major economy that grew in 2020. What's next?
Taking the data at face value, GDP numbers from China have confirmed what many analysts have been forecasting - the country will be the only major economy to have grown
Seekingalpha · 01/18 12:15
Did the U.S. or China emerge victorious in the trade war?
"When a country ((USA)) is losing many billions of dollars on trade with virtually every country it does business with, trade wars are good, and easy to win," reads a
Seekingalpha · 01/13 09:52
Cathie Wood Buys Back Option That Had Threatened Control of Ark
The fight for control of Ark Investment Management is over after Chief Executive Officer Cathie Wood purchased the option that threatened her control.
Bloomberg · 12/28/2020 15:39
Covid Online Boom Just the Start for Top Emerging-Market ETF
Bloomberg · 12/28/2020 14:56
China will surpass U.S. as world's top economy by 2028 - CEBR
Due to the contrasting recoveries from the COVID-19 pandemic, China will overtake the U.S. to become the world's biggest economy in 2028, five years earlier than previously estimated."For some time,
Seekingalpha · 12/27/2020 11:34
WisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund declares $0.0491 dividend, cuts dividend by ~76%
WisdomTree China ex-State-Owned Enterprises Fund (CXSE) declares $0.0491/share quarterly dividend, -76% decrease from prior dividend of $0.2050.Forward yield 0.31%Payable Dec. 24; for shareholders of record Dec. 22; ex-div Dec. 21.See
Seekingalpha · 12/22/2020 11:31
How would a Biden administration approach China?
Joe Biden won't immediately remove the tariffs that the Trump administration imposed on China, but intends to first review the existing U.S.-China agreement, and develop a "coherent strategy" with traditional
Seekingalpha · 12/02/2020 09:22
World’s Biggest ETF Is Losing Cash Faster Than Any of Its Peers
The world’s biggest exchange-traded fund is losing cash at a faster pace than any of its peers as investors seek lower fees amid a wave of cost cutting.
Bloomberg · 10/27/2020 17:26
How to Invest During Brexit? Look Outside the U.K., Fund Managers Say
ETFs that track markets abroad are seen as providing the best protection against the fallout from Britain’s break up with the European Union.
Bloomberg · 10/27/2020 06:00
Risky Corner of ETF Market Could See More Debuts After SEC Vote
Bloomberg · 10/26/2020 16:36
Record Flows Pour Into ESG Funds as Their ‘Wokeness’ Is Debated
Bloomberg · 10/25/2020 11:00
Emerging Markets: Just Exclude The Past
When we look at the emerging world, there are hundreds of listed SOEs that make their way into indexes such as MSCI Emerging Markets.With 25% of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index still populated by the Cold War's leftover SOEs, many investors have significant capital tied up in companies that incorporated under Mao Tse-tung and Joseph Stalin.WisdomTree has three emerging market ETFs that are designed to stay away from SOEs.
Seekingalpha · 10/20/2020 10:57
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