U.S. Weekly FundFlows Insight Report: Despite New Market Highs, Fund Investors Shun Equities During The Fund-Flows Week
For the fourth week in a row, investors were overall net redeemers of fund assets (including those of conventional funds and ETFs).Fund investors were net purchasers of taxable fixed income funds and municipal bond funds while being net redeemers of equity funds and money market funds this week.For the second week in a row, taxable fixed income ETFs witnessed net inflows.
Seekingalpha · 09/05 13:33
QUAL: Recent Underperformance Highlights Limitations Of Strategy
QUAL is a fundamentals-based strategy ETF that invests in stocks exhibiting positive financial metrics.While QUAL has outperformed the market historically, the fund has lagged in recent years, given market trends favoring high-growth stocks.The fund's equity exposure and risk profile are too similar to the broader S&P 500 representing a weakness with limited potential as a portfolio diversifier.
Seekingalpha · 08/31 22:51
An Analysis Of Value ETFs + 2 Value Stock Picks
Seeking Alpha - Article · 08/06 09:32
Stock futures open slightly higher as Wall Street tries to extend last week's gains
Stock futures rose slightly Sunday night as investors tried to build on last week's solid performance. · 07/19 22:01
Druckenmiller is still betting on Amazon and Microsoft, but is overall bearish on growth stocks
Stanley Druckenmiller said Amazon and Microsoft are still among his biggest holdings, but noted he is bearish on growth stocks as a group. · 06/08 12:06
Believe It Or Not, We Still Haven't Seen Capitulation In U.S. Stocks
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Ironically, It Needs To Get Worse
Seeking Alpha - Article · 02/23 15:33
Building Your Own ETF Portfolio: A Case Study (Podcast Transcript)
Seeking Alpha - Article · 02/18 12:00
'Don't put all your eggs' in one investing factor, ETF manager warns
Investing based on factors such as value and quality tends to work in the long term, but buyers should diversify among those factors to minimize risk, one fund manager says. · 02/13 18:05
Building Your Own ETF Portfolio: A Case Study (Podcast)
Seeking Alpha - Article · 02/12 12:00
The huge rotation taking place in the stock market isn't even halfway over, JP Morgan says
"Currently, we estimate that 42% of potential rotation has been realized," said J.P. Morgan's chief U.S. equity strategist Dubravko Lakos-Bujas. · 01/16 14:43
Mean Reversion + Valuation = Opportunity
Seeking Alpha - Article · 12/26/2019 23:33
How iShares Edge Factors Have Performed So Far
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What Matters For 'Newly Christened Macro Bulls'
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Pressure Drop: 5 Investing Themes For Winter
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Value ETFs Take On 2 Meanings
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Technical Charts Are Showing Equities Have More Room To Move Higher
Seeking Alpha - Article · 11/11/2019 17:42
JP Morgan's top quant says the 'once in a decade' rotation into value stocks will continue
The rotation into value and out of momentum has more room to run on the back of improving macro environment, said J.P. Morgan's quant guru Marko Kolanovic. · 11/08/2019 19:05
Value stocks have 'never been this cheap,' Bank of America says
Value stocks, those with stable fundamentals and subpar valuations, haven't been this cheap since the financial crisis, according to Bank of America. · 11/08/2019 14:26
Value stocks' rise is just starting, Morgan Stanley says
Seeking Alpha - Article · 10/28/2019 12:34