Dealmakers see ESG as critical factor in investing, M&A, according to survey
Ivan Martynov/iStock via Getty Images A recent research report indicates that assessing investments and acquisitions by environmental, social, and governance criteria isn't just a question of social consciousness but pays
Seekingalpha · 07/04 17:15
Shareholders, clients, employees, banks drive ESG push, Bank of America CEO says
Win McNamee/Getty Images News Bank of America ([[BAC]] -4.0%) CEO Brian Moynihan says multiple forces are driving the importance of environmental, social, and governance ((ESG)) issues in running a business.
Seekingalpha · 06/17 17:00
ETF Odds & Ends: Bitcoin ETFs Put Off Again
Plus, some of the launches and other ETF actions that took place over the past two weeks. · 06/14 15:45
NFT-Linked Stocks, Volkswagen, MOON ETF: Investments in the Spotlight
Bloomberg · 03/19 14:15
Bank of Japan Brings End to Decade-Long Buying of the Nikkei 225
Bloomberg · 03/19 08:35
Big Money Joins Rush for Carbon, Fueling Bets Prices Will Soar
Largest U.S.-listed ETF tripled its assets this year as rising carbon prices push up the cost of pollution for companies.
Bloomberg · 03/19 05:00
A Tiny Pot Fund With 250% Return Wants Some of the ETF Billions
The meteoric surge of pot ETFs is prompting one mutual fund to join the list of those seeking to tap into the abundance of cash flowing into the $6 trillion exchange-traded fund industry.
Bloomberg · 03/18 15:42
The REIT Stuff: A Buyer's Guide to REIT ETFs
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Bloomberg · 03/18 12:41
A New Wave of ETFs Is Primed to Eclipse Cathie Wood-Style Funds
The next breakout star fund could be full of companies you’ve never heard of.
Bloomberg · 03/18 12:00
Emergence from COVID will amplify ESG investing in 2021 - Moody's
Environmental, social and governance issues will assume greater importance this year, with four trends converging,  analysts at Moody's say.Recovery from COVID will increase focus on social and environmental challenges."Major economies
Seekingalpha · 02/03 18:51
2020 ESG Manager Survey: Turning Up The Volume
Russell Investments conducted its 2020 annual ESG survey across equity, fixed-income, real assets and private markets asset managers from around the globe to assess their attitudes toward responsible investing and how they integrate ESG factors into their investment processes.According to the results the survey, an increased number of firms are incorporating additional ESG metrics into their investment process, expanding their dedicated responsible investment resources and providing greater transparency through reporting.Data providers are integral in providing a broader perspective of companies or entities in the marketplace, with engagement activities also playing a vital role in asset managers gaining and making use of ESG-related information.
Seekingalpha · 10/08/2020 08:20
How Green Bond Markets Drive Climate Action (SDG 13)
ESG Miniseries 3 of 3.The rapidly expanding ESG bond market allows investors to target the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).It also drives the transition to a net zero carbon economy.
Seekingalpha · 09/29/2020 23:41
ESG Into Action - How To Invest Sustainably In Fixed Income
ESG Miniseries 2 of 3.We believe the size of bond markets is important.And recurring nature of debt issuance make fixed income investors a meaningful force in driving sustainable change.
Seekingalpha · 09/29/2020 23:35
Sustainability In Bond Markets - 3 Reasons For Optimism
ESG Miniseries 1 of 3.How can bond investors contribute to more sustainable financial markets?Members of our ESG investing team discuss accelerating macro trends and their reasons for optimism.
Seekingalpha · 09/29/2020 17:22
Queen’s Banker Is Betting Hundreds of Millions on Brexit Deal
The private bank to Queen Elizabeth II is lavishing millions of dollars in a high-stakes bet on a Brexit deal in the teeth of market scepticism.
Bloomberg · 09/25/2020 09:27
U.S. Stock Slide Prompts Strategists to Predict Tilt From Credit
Strategists predict a tougher period ahead for U.S. corporate bonds after a slide in equities to more appealing levels.
Bloomberg · 09/25/2020 08:04
Can’t-Lose Trades Falter With Inflation Expectations Flagging
Inflation, dormant for a decade, captured the market’s attention all summer, with unprecedented Federal Reserve stimulus and a $2 trillion federal spending package set to juice prices.
Bloomberg · 09/24/2020 17:12
Investors Flee Junk ETFs as High-Yield Bonds Erase Gain for Year
The exodus from high-yield debt shows few signs of easing, with investors pulling hundreds of millions of dollars more from the largest exchange-traded funds that buy junk bonds as a global index tracking the securities erases its 2020 gains.
Bloomberg · 09/24/2020 13:25
Is Gold’s Big Rally Over? Here Are Five Key Charts to Watch
Bloomberg · 09/24/2020 06:07
Sounding Good Or Doing Good? A Skeptical Look At ESG
Even if you overlook disagreements on ESG as growing pains, there is one more component that adds noise to the mix and that is the direction of causality.The power of the ESG sales pitch has always been that it offers something good to everyone involved.There is a plausible scenario, where being good creates a cycle of positive outcomes, which makes the company more valuable.In my view, the hype regarding ESG has vastly outrun the reality of both what it is, and what it can deliver, and the buzzwords are not helpful.
Seekingalpha · 09/22/2020 12:04
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