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Intelligent Trading With TradeUI's Stock, Option Order Flow Insights

Benzinga held its annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards, a day of dealmaking, networking, and recognition in the financial technology space, on Nov. 10, 2020.

· 03/17/2021 08:05

Benzinga held its annual Benzinga Global Fintech Awards, a day of dealmaking, networking, and recognition in the financial technology space, on Nov. 10, 2020.

In recognition of those disruptive innovators creating positive and diverse change within the financial services space, Benzinga sat down with Amine Belkadi, the founder at TradeUI.

About TradeUI: Given the commission-free trading revolution and fintech disruptions, more people have access to stock market wealth. The implications of increased access are apparent; during the pandemic, retail trading activity rose to new records as participants sought engagement with the outside world.

Moreover, in finding an edge, resources such as option order flow have become popularized.

Founded in 2020, TradeUI is a fintech specializing in low-cost stock and option insights. The firm was founded after its founder saw the need for comprehensive stock and option-based trading alerts.

“Typically, when you try to get into a trade, you match up a bunch of things like technical analysis and the news,” Belkadi said in an explanation on how he intends to improve access to actionable market insights. “I’ve been backtesting for years and the idea was to … build a tool that helps you find trades formatted in a way that anyone can use.”

In the simplest way possible: TradeUI is a provider of low-cost unusual options activity alerts, as well as technical and fundamental analysis tools that help traders follow the smart money.

“It’s a tool to help you take high-confidence, more successful, lower-risk trades.”

Core Product: TradeUI is a destination empowering the next generation of retail investors.

For as low as $67 per month, prospective users get access to news and data on upcoming earnings, IPOs, and insider trading, charting, real-time option flow, as well as algorithmically-derived trading setups.

“We’re showing all the data — trades above or below the bid and ask — so you get the full experience,” Belkadi said in a discussion on differentiators.

The founder noted that competing platforms often fail to display relevant fill data crucial to determining trade significance. Based on the information TradeUI displays, Belkadi said he was able to make 52% trading Snowflake Inc (NYSE:SNOW).

“I saw puts on SNOW trade at the bid and calls at the ask, aggressively,” he said. “I made two trades, pretty much following the flow.”

Other differentiators between TradeUI and competing platforms include color-coding, to flag unusual activity and earnings plays, as well as Sweep Setups.

“It helps you pick up aggressive unusual orders,” the founder said in reference to the Sweep Setups tool. “We go in, scan the technical chart, checking for things like consolidations and breakouts, how many days a squeeze has lasted.”

Pictured: TradeUI Overview.

Innovation Outlook: Coming out of pandemic, TradeUI is committed to expanding its product portfolio.

Belkadi said additions would include layout customization, educational content, social trading, as well as improved scanning and alert features.

“The WallStreetBets movement brought in a lot of new traders who don’t know anything about options,” the founder said in providing tools for beginners to excel.

“We will allow people to create communities and chat about trading, there are watchlist and SMS notifications that are coming for predetermined setups,” and more.

To learn more about TradeUI, click here.