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DJ News Highlights: Top Company News of the Day

· 02/07/2021 21:00
Ex-Cred Executive Must Return Bankrupt Firm's BitcoinFox Cancels 'Lou Dobbs Tonight' After Anchor Was Named in LawsuitMusk's Dogecoin Tweeting Has Believers Barking for MoreChina Approves Sinovac Vaccine for Broad Use Against Covid-19Vocus Gets Takeover Proposal from MIRARollout of AstraZeneca Covid-19 Vaccine Halted in South AfricaSlow Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout, New Variants Shift Some Business PlansSilver Billionaire Thomas Kaplan Welcomes Trading FrenzyRough Landing Expected for the Glut of New Small-Rocket MakersElliott Management Explores Raising a SPAC

The hedge fund is looking to raise more than $1 billion for the vehicle.

Companies and entrepreneurs world-wide are working on more than 100 new small-rocket ventures, but industry officials anticipate a shakeout eventually may leave just a handful of survivors.

His investment company, Electrum Group, quietly built up a silver mining empire over a decade, waiting for long-stagnant prices to rebound. He just didn't expect it to happen all in one day.

The rollout and new variants are pushing back CEO expectations for when consumers will return en masse to traveling, eating out and shopping in stores.

A small clinical trial in South Africa found that AstraZeneca's Covid-19 vaccine doesn't appear to protect recipients against mild and moderate illness from a fast-spreading new strain of the virus.

Vocus Group Ltd. said it received a takeover proposal from Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets Holdings Pty Ltd. and its managed funds that values its equity at $2.62 billion.

The country's drug regulator has given provisional approval to a Covid-19 vaccine developed by Chinese drugmaker Sinovac Biotech, which has faced questions over its vaccine efficacy due to a lack of transparency around clinical trial data.

A cryptocurrency that began in 2013 as a joke is suddenly worth a total of more than $6 billion.

The lawsuit against Fox News filed Thursday by Smartmatic USA mentioned remarks made about the company by anchors including Lou Dobbs.

A former Cred executive was ordered to turn over millions of dollars of cash and bitcoins that the bankrupt cryptocurrency platform and its creditors said belong to the business.

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February 07, 2021 21:00 ET (02:00 GMT)

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