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Press Release: Poly Announces Third Quarter -2-

· 02/04/2021 16:05
INVESTOR CONTACT: MEDIA CONTACT: Mike Iburg Edie Kissko Vice President, Investor Relations Vice President, Corporate Communications (831) 458-7533 (213) 369-3719 PLANTRONICS, INC. SUMMARY CONDENSED CONSOLIDATED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ($ in thousands, except per share data) UNAUDITED CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF OPERATIONS Three Months Ended Nine Months Ended December 26, December 28, December 26, December 28, 2020 2019 2020 2019 Net revenues: Net product revenues $420,711 $316,633 $1,059,846 $1,094,515 Net services revenues 63,974 67,838 191,529 199,432 Total net revenues 484,685 384,471 1,251,375 1,293,947 Cost of revenues: Cost of product revenues 236,842 220,469 622,718 658,408 Cost of service revenues 21,186 20,156 64,921 72,976 Total cost of revenues 258,028 240,625 687,639 731,384 Gross profit 226,657 143,846 563,736 562,563 Gross profit % 46.8 % 37.4 % 45.0 % 43.5 % Operating expenses: Research, development, and engineering 54,150 53,769 156,327 170,708 Selling, general, and administrative 129,641 144,978 361,892 457,004 (Gain) loss, net from litigation settlements -- -- 17,561 (1,162) Restructuring and other related charges 13,977 21,724 49,477 47,096 Total operating expenses 197,768 220,471 585,257 673,646 Operating income (loss) 28,889 (76,625) (21,521) (111,083) Operating income (loss) % 6.0 % (19.9) % (1.7) % (8.6) % Interest expense (18,417) (22,533) (58,182) (70,262) Other non-operating income, net 2,596 967 4,188 675 Income (loss) before income

timely supply the number of products to fulfill current and future customer demand, including expectations that our manufacturing facility in Tijuana, Mexico will continue production at the capacity necessary to meet such demand; (f) the impact of the virus on our distribution partners, resellers, end-user customers and our production facilities, including our ability to obtain alternative sources of supply if our production facility or other suppliers are impacted by future shutdowns; (g) the impact if global or regional economic conditions deteriorate further, on our customers and/or partners, including increased demand for pricing accommodations, delayed payments, delayed deployment plans, insolvency or other issues which may increase credit losses; (h) risks related to restrictions or delays in global return to worksites as a result of COVID-19, which continues to impact our employees and our customers worldwide, which has negatively impacted our voice product lines for the quarter, and restricted customer engagement; and (i) the complexity of the forecast analysis and the design and operation of internal controls; and (ii) our belief that we can manufacture or supply products in a timely manner to satisfy perishable demand; (iii) expectations related to our customers' purchasing decisions and our ability to pivot quickly enough and/or match product production to demand, particularly given long lead times and the difficulty of forecasting unit volumes and acquiring the component parts and materials to meet demand without having excess inventory or incurring cancellation charges; (iv) risks associated with significant and/or abrupt changes in product demand which increases the complexity of management's evaluation of potential excess or obsolete inventory; (v) risks associated with the bankruptcy or financial weakness of distributors or key customers, or the bankruptcy of or reduction in capacity of our key suppliers; (vi) risks associated with the potential interruption in the supply of sole-sourced critical components, our ability to move to a dual-source model, and the continuity of component supply at costs consistent with our plans, which has negatively impacted us in the quarter and may continue to impact our ability to timely supply product to meet our customer demand; (vii) expectations related to our services segment revenues, particularly as we introduce new generation, less complex, product solutions, or as companies shift from on premises to work from home options for their workforce, which may result in decreased demand for our professional, installation and/or managed service offerings; (viii) expectations that our current cash on hand, additional cash generated from operations, together with sources of cash through our credit facility, either alone or in combination with our election to suspend our dividend payments, will meet our liquidity needs during and following the unknown duration and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic; (ix) expectations relating to our ability to generate sufficient cash flow from operations to meet our debt covenants and timely repay all principal and interest amounts drawn under our credit facility as they become due; (x) risks associated with our channel partners' sales reporting, product inventories and product sell through since we sell a significant amount of products to channel partners who maintain their own inventory of our products; (xi) our efforts to execute to drive sales and sustainable profitable revenue growth, to improve our profitability and cash flow, and accelerate debt reduction and de-levering; (xii) our expectations for new products launches, the timing of their releases and their expected impact on future growth and on our existing products; (xiii) our belief that our Partner Program and/or our product management and personal device services, including Poly Lens and/or Poly+ will drive growth and profitability for both us and our partners through the sale of our product, services and solutions; (xiv) risks associated with forecasting sales and procurement demands, which are inherently difficult, particularly with continuing uncertainty in regional and global economic conditions; (xv) uncertainties attributable to currency fluctuations, including fluctuations in foreign exchange rates and/or new or greater tariffs on our products; (xvi) our expectations regarding our ability to control costs, streamline operations and successfully implement our various cost-reduction activities and realize anticipated cost savings under such cost-reduction initiatives; (xvii) expectations relating to our quarterly and annual earnings guidance, particularly as economic uncertainty, including, without limitation, uncertainty related to the continued impact of COVID-19, the macro-economic and political climate and other external factors, puts further pressure on management judgments used to develop forward looking financial guidance and other prospective financial information; (xviii) expectations related to GAAP and non-GAAP financial results for the fourth quarter and full Fiscal Year 2021, including net revenues, adjusted EBITDA, tax rates, intangibles amortization, diluted weighted average shares outstanding and diluted EPS; (xix) our expectations of the impact of the acquisition of Polycom as it relates to our strategic vision and additional market and strategic partnership opportunities for our combined hardware, software and services offerings; (xx) our beliefs regarding the UC&C market, market dynamics and opportunities, and customer and partner behavior as well as our position in the market, including risks associated with the potential failure of our UC&C solutions to be adopted with the breadth and speed we anticipate; (xxi) our belief that the increased adoption of certain technologies and our open architecture approach has and will continue to increase demand for our solutions; (xxii) expectations related to the micro and macro-economic conditions in our domestic and international markets and their impact on our future business; (xxiii) our forecast and estimates with respect to tax matters, including expectations with respect to utilizing our deferred tax assets; (xxiv) our expectations related to building strategic alliances and key partnerships with providers of collaboration tools and platforms to drive revenue growth and market share; and (xxv) our expectations regarding pending and potential future litigation, in addition to other matters discussed in this press release that are not purely historical data. Such forward-looking statements are based on current expectations and assumptions and are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from the forward-looking statements.

We do not assume any obligation to update or revise any such forward-looking statements, whether as the result of new developments or otherwise.

For more information concerning these and other possible risks, please refer to our Annual Report on Form 10-K filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 8, 2020 and other filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as recent press releases.

About Poly

Poly (NYSE: PLT) creates premium audio and video products so you can have your best meeting -- anywhere, anytime, every time. Our headsets, video and audio-conferencing products, desk phones, analytics software and services are beautifully designed and engineered to connect people with incredible clarity. They're pro-grade, easy to use and work seamlessly with all the best video and audio conferencing services. With Poly (Plantronics, Inc. -- formerly Plantronics and Polycom), you'll do more than just show up, you'll stand out. For more information visit www.Poly.com.

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February 04, 2021 16:05 ET (21:05 GMT)