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Account Opening
  • What types of accounts can I open with Webull?
  • How long does it take to open a Webull account?
  • What's the difference between margin and cash account?
  • I am a US resident. What requirements do I need to meet in order to open a brokerage account on Webull?
  • Can I trade in pre and post market with my Webull account?
  • How do I delete my Webull account?
  • Can I sell my free stock?
  • What kind of Visa is acceptable?
  • How can I tell my account type?
  • Why can't I access the account opening page? I am currently an American living abroad.
  • Can I open a custodian account/trust/joint account?
  • I claimed my prize for the the paper trading competition and never received anything?
  • How do I set a transaction password?