Disclosure of Fractional Share Trading

Disclosure of Fractional Share Trading

In consideration of Apex Clearing Corporation (“Apex”) and Webull Financial LLC (“Webull”) allowing me to purchase and sell fractional interests of certain securities (“fractional shares”), I agree, with respect to any Account, whether margin or cash, to the terms in this addendum (“Addendum”) to the Customer Account Agreement (“Agreement”). Unless noted otherwise, capitalized terms have the same meaning here as in the Agreement. In the case of conflict between the Agreement and the Addendum, the terms of the Addendum will control for purposes of the subject matter herein.

I acknowledge and understand that:

1. Engaging in fractional share trading poses unique risks and limitations, including but not limited to those set forth herein. I agree that Webull and Apex shall not be held liable for risks such as those disclosed herein, including risks in connection with the execution, handling, purchasing, and selling of fractional shares for my account.

2. Apex will administer the purchase, sale, and holding of fractional shares. All holdings of fractional shares are rounded to the fifth decimal place, the value of fractional shares to the nearest cent, and any dividends paid on fractional shares to the nearest cent. I understand this may affect, among other things, my ability to be credited for dividends and stock splits.

3. Apex will not accept purchases of less than $5.00. I will receive proceeds from the sale of any whole or fractional shares, less any regulatory trading fees, rounded to the nearest $0.01.

4. For a variety of reasons, including those set forth herein, the actual amount of an executed order to buy or sell a dollar value of a security may be higher or lower than the amount requested.

5. Apex will aggregate any proxy votes for fractional shares of Webull customers. I understand that, while Apex will report proxy votes, the issuer or issuer’s designated vote tabulator may not fully count such votes.

6. Orders containing fractional shares (“Fractional Orders”) will be executed by Apex at the price Apex receives in the market. The fractional share component of any Fractional Order will be executed by Apex as a whole share order in the market, with the fractional share then allocated to my Account.

7. Webull only accepts market orders for fractional shares at this time and does not permit limit orders for fractional shares. Fractional Orders may only be placed during market hours and are subject to all applicable market rules and conditions, including but not limited to restrictions, suspensions of trading, and delays.

8. Webull and Apex reserve the right to limit the stocks available for fractional share trading at any time.

9. Any and all fractional shares within my Account

(i) are unrecognized, unmarketable, and illiquid outside the Webull platform,

(ii) are not transferrable in-kind, and

(iii) may only be liquidated and the proceeds withdrawn or transferred out.

Date Updated: August 5, 2021