LLC Release

LLC Release

In consideration of my opening and carrying a limited liability company account in the name of


a duly organized limited liability company(the“LLC”) organized under the laws of the state of the United States with you my Introducing Firm (the “Introducing Firm”), to be carried by Apex Clearing Corporation (the “Clearing Broker”), of which the undersigned is a duly elected or authorized member of the LLC, I hereby certify that each of the Officers and Managers of the customer entity is set forth on the undersigned’s New Account Application and Agreement and has been duly elected and is now legally holding the office as are set forth in the undersigned’s New Account Application&Agreement.

All such Officers and Managers, as applicable, are hereby appointed the authorized agents and attorneys-in-fact of the LLC (the “Authorized Agents”) to act jointly or individually, and shall have authority on behalf of the LLC, and for its account and risk, to buy, sell (including short sales), tender, convert, exchange, trade and otherwise deal in stocks, bonds, options and any other securities (on margin or otherwise)in accordance with the terms and conditions for the LLC account asset forth in the New Account Applicationand Agreement otherwise.

The Introducing Firm and the Clearing Broker are authorized to follow the instructions of the Authorized Agents in every respect concerning the account(s), and to deliver to the account(s) or Authorized Agents on behalf of the LLC account(s), all demands, notices, confirmations, reports, statements of accounts, and communications of every kind, money, securities, and property of every kind. The Authorized Agents are hereby authorized to execute and deliver on behalf of the LLC and the account(s) any agreements or documentation relating to any of the foregoing matters and to terminate or modify the same or waive any of the provisions thereof, and generally to deal with the Introducing Firm and the Clearing Broker on behalf of the LLC and the account as fully and completely as if each alone were interested in the LLC and/or account(s), all without notice of the other or others interested in said account.

This authorization is in addition to, and in no way limits or restricts , any rights which the Introducing Firm and the Clearing Broker have under any other agreement or agreements between the Introducing Firm and the Clearing Broker and the LLC and/or undersigned(s), individually or jointly, now existing or hereafter entered into, and is binding on the LLC, its managers and members, and its legal representatives, successors and assigns. This authorization is also a continuing one and shall remain in full force and effect until revoked by a written notice, addressed to the Introducing Firm and delivered to the Introducing Firm at the Introducing Firm’s principal office or such other location as the Introducing Firm may instruct. No such revocation shall affect any liability arising out of any transaction initiated prior to such revocation and delivery.

The undersigned hereby certify that all of the members and managers of the LLC are as follows:*


The undersigned further authorizes the Introducing Firm and the Clearing Broker, in the event of death or retirement of any of the members of the LLC, to take such proceedings, require such papers, retain such portions or restrict transactions in said account as the Introducing Firm or the Clearing Broker may deem advisable to protect you and the Clearing Broker against any liability, penalty or loss under any present or future laws or otherwise. It is further agreed that in the event of the death or retirement of any member of the LLC the remaining members will immediately cause you to be notified of such fact.

This authorization and its enforcement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas, shall cover individually and collectively all accounts covered by this agreement and authorization which the undersigned may open or reopen with you, and shall inure to the benefit of your present organization, and any successor organization, irrespective of any change or changes of any kind of the personnelthereof for any cause what so ever,and of the assigns of your present organization or any success ororganization.

Customer consent to loan or pledge of securities and other property (not applicable to cash accounts):each of the undersigned has signed the enclosed Customer’s Agreement and Customer’s Loan Consent which are intended to cover, in addition to the provisions hereof, the terms upon which the LLC is to be carried.


I, Secretary, or the equivalent, of the Customer, a limited liability company, hereby certify that the resolutions herein were duly adopted at a meeting of the Members of the Customer, duly held on the


, at which a quorum of said Members was present and acting throughout and that no action has been taken to rescind or amend said resolutions andthe same are now in full force and effect.

I certify that the Customer, a limited liability company, is duly organized, existing, and in good standing in the jurisdiction of its incorporation and any other jurisdiction where it may be required to be registered , and that the Customer , through its Primary Officer above, has the power to take the action called for by the resolutions here.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, the Secretary of the Customer, on behalf of the Customer, have hereunto affixed my hand this