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About GWH
ESS Tech, Inc., formerly ACON S2 Acquisition Corp., is a long-duration energy storage company specializing in iron flow battery technology. The Company designs and produces long-duration batteries using earth-abundant materials. Its batteries provide flexibility to grid operators and energy assurance for commercial and industrial customers. Its technology addresses energy delivery, duration, and cycle-life in a single battery platform that compares favorably to lithium-ion batteries. Using its iron flow battery technology, the Company is developing two products, such as Energy Warehouse and Energy Center. The Energy Warehouse offers energy storage ranging from 50 kilowatts (kW) to 90 kW and four to 12-hour durations. Energy Warehouses are deployed in shipping container units, allowing a turnkey system that can be installed easily at a customer’s site. The Energy Center offers a customizable configuration range and is installed to meet customers’ power, energy and duration needs.