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About CSTM
Constellium SE (France) is a France-based company. It aims to incorporate, to participate in, to finance, to collaborate with, to manage, to supervise businesses, companies and other enterprises and provide advice and other services; to acquire, use and/or assign industrial and intellectual property rights and real property; to finance and/or acquire companies and any businesses; to borrow, to lend and to raise funds, including through the issue of bonds, debt instruments or other securities or evidence of indebtedness as well as to enter into agreements in connection with the aforementioned activities; to invest funds; to provide guarantees and security for debts of legal persons or of other companies with which the Company is affiliated in a Group or for the debts of third parties; to undertake all that which is connected to the foregoing or in furtherance thereof, all of the above being understood in the broadest sense of the words.