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About VTSI
VirTra, Inc. is a global provider of judgmental use of force training simulators, firearms training simulators and driving simulators for the law enforcement, military, educational and commercial markets. The Company’s technologies, software, and scenarios provide intense training for de-escalation, judgmental use-of-force, marksmanship and related training that mimics real-world situations. The VirTra firearms training simulator allows marksmanship and realistic scenario-based training to take place on a daily basis without the need for a shooting range, protective equipment, role players, safety officers, or a scenario-based training site. The Company’s simulator products include V-300 Simulator, V-180 Simulator, V-100 Simulator & V-100 MIL, VirTra Driving Sim, Virtual Interactive Coursework Training Academy (V-VICTA), Subscription Training Equipment Partnership (STEP), V-Author, Simulated Recoil Kits, and Return Fire Device.