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About SIRI
Sirius XM Holdings Inc. is an audio entertainment company, and the programmer and platform for subscription and digital advertising-supported audio products. The Company operates two audio entertainment segments: Sirius XM and Pandora. Sirius XM business features music, sports, entertainment, comedy, talk, news, traffic and weather channels and other content, as well as podcasts and infotainment services, in the United States on a subscription fee basis. The Sirius XM service is distributed through its two satellite radio systems and streamed over applications. Pandora business operates a music, comedy and podcast streaming platform, offering a personalized experience for each listener wherever and whenever they want to listen, whether through mobile devices, car speakers or connected devices. Pandora enables listeners to create personalized stations and playlists, discover new content, podcasts and select Sirius XM content as well as search and play songs and albums on-demand.