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About RIBT
RiceBran Technologies is a specialty ingredient company. The Company is focused on milling rice and other small grains and producing, processing and marketing value-added healthy, natural and nutrient dense products derived from these grains. The Company is engaged in converting raw rice bran into stabilized rice bran (SRB) and value derivative products including: RiBalance, a complete rice bran nutritional package derived from further processing of SRB; RiSolubles, a nutritious, carbohydrate and lipid rich fraction of RiBalance; RiFiber, a protein and fiber rich insoluble derivative of RiBalance; and ProRyza products, which includes derivatives composed of protein and protein/fiber blends. Its products include Food Ingredients Animal Nutrition, and Rice Bran. Food Ingredients include meats, cereals, snacks, beverages, baked goods, breading, and batters.