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About RCEL
AVITA Medical Inc., formerly AVITA Therapeutics, Inc., is a regenerative medicine company with a technology platform to address medical needs in burn injuries, trauma injuries, chronic wounds, and dermatological and aesthetics indications. Its technology provides treatment solutions derived from the regenerative properties of a patient’s own skin. The medical devices work by preparing Spray-On Skin Cells, an autologous cellular suspension comprised of the patient’s skin cells necessary to regenerate natural healthy epidermis. It has developed RECELL System, a product for the treatment of acute thermal burn injuries in patients 18 years and older. The RECELL System is used to prepare Spray-On Skin Cells using a small amount of a patient’s own skin, providing a way to treat severe burns that significantly reduces the amount of donor skin required. It can be used at the point of care alone or in combination with split-thickness skin autografts depending on the depth of the burn injury.