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About OMEX
Odyssey Marine Exploration, Inc. (Odyssey), is a deep-ocean exploration company. The Company's techniques are applied to shipwreck cargo recovery, and other marine survey and exploration charter services. The Company focuses on discovery, development and extraction of deep-ocean minerals. The Company is engaged in discovering shipwreck sites in the deep ocean and conducting archaeological excavations with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Its shipwreck discoveries include the SS Republic, HMS Victory, the SS Central America and La Marquis de Tourny. It offers exploration services, including geophysical and geotechnical assessments of seabed mineral deposits to companies, including its subsidiaries and companies, in which it holds an equity position, as a resource development partner. The Company evaluates or explores various types of seabed mineral deposits, such as phosphorites, polymetallic nodules and seafloor massive sulfides.