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About OLB
The OLB Group, Inc. (OLBG) is a FinTech company and payment facilitator. The Company, through its subsidiaries, provides integrated financial and transaction processing services to businesses throughout the United States. OLBG is focused on providing merchants with a range of products and services through its various online platforms, including financial and transaction processing services. OLBG also includes the products that provide support for crowdfunding and other capital raising initiatives. OLBG's subsidiaries include eVance, Inc. (eVance),, Inc. (OmniSoft) and CrowdPay.Us, Inc. (CrowdPay). eVance operates as an independent sales organization (ISO) generating individual merchant processing contracts in exchange for future residual payments. CrowdPay is a crowdfunding platform. OmniSoft operates a software platform for small merchants. Securus365 operates as a retail ISO. OLBG also provides eCommerce development and consulting services on a project by project basis.