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About MAYS
J.W. Mays, Inc. operates a range of commercial real estate properties. The Company's properties include New York-Fulton Street at Bond Street; Brooklyn, New York-Jowein building at Elm; Brooklyn, New York Jamaica Avenue at 169th Street; Jamaica, New York Hempstead Turnpike; Levittown, New York Sunrise Highway; Massapequa, Ohio Tarlton Road; Circleville and and Brooklyn, New York-Truck bays, passage facilities and tunnel-Schermerhorn Street Building-Livingston Street. The Company holds approximately 10% lease of the Fulton Street at Bond Street's property under five separate leases and remaining of it is owned by the Company. The Jowein building at Elm Place is leased to approximately 12 tenants of which one is a retail store, one is a fast-food restaurant, two are for warehouse space and eight leases are for office space. The building Jamaica Avenue at 169th Street is Company owned and the land is leased from an affiliated company.