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Webull provides the latest Fusion Fuel Green PLC (HTOOW) stock and general news. This information may help you make smarter investment decisions.
Fusion Fuel Green PLC is engaged in the development of technology for green hydrogen. The Company produces hydrogen using renewable energy. The Company has developed a direct coupled photo electrochemical hydrogen generator (DC-PEHG) that produces green hydrogen. The DC-PEHG uses solar energy to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen through its photon-electrochemical process. Its process is coupled with a solar concentration system that harnesses solar energy for electricity and heat. The Company's business lines include Technology and Projects. Technology is focused on creating and selling hydrogen generators that produces green hydrogen for client use and operation. Projects is focused on entering into green hydrogen purchase agreements for the output of hydrogen. Its product offerings include hydrogen generators and green hydrogen. It also offers operational and monitoring services of green hydrogen plants using fusion fuel hydrogen generators.