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About FPRX
Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on discovering and developing protein therapeutics. The Company’s primary focus is on researching and developing immuno-oncology and targeted cancer therapies. The Company’s pipeline includes Bemarituzumab (FPA144), which is an antibody that inhibits fibroblast growth factor receptor 2b, or FGFR2b, that it is studying in a clinical trial in combination with 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), leucovorin and oxaliplatin; FPA150, which is a CD8 T cell checkpoint inhibitor antibody that targets B7-H4; FPT155, which is a soluble CD80 fusion protein that enhances co-stimulation of T cells through CD28; Cabiralizumab (FPA008), which is an antibody that inhibits colony stimulating factor-1 receptor, that it is studying in clinical trials, and BMS-986258, which is an anti-T cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain-3, or TIM-3 antibody.