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About EOSE
Eos Energy Enterprises Inc. designs, manufactures, and deploy battery storage solutions for the electric utility industry. The Company’s flagship technology is the Eos Znyth aqueous zinc battery, the core of the Eos DC energy storage system (the Eos Znyth system), with both front-of-the-meter and behind-the-meter applications, particularly those with a range of three to twelve- hour use cases. The Eos Znyth system is a non-lithium-ion stationary battery energy storage system (BESS). The Eos Znyth system stores energy that the renewable source produces and discharge it when the source is not producing energy. Its Znyth battery technology, which employs a zinc-halide oxidation/reduction cycle packaged in a sealed, flooded, bipolar battery. The Eos Znyth system is designed to meet a range of requirements in the battery storage industry, including large grid-scale energy storage projects, large and small solar storage projects, commercial or industrial projects and among others.