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About BPTH
Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. is a clinical and preclinical stage oncology focused antisense drug development company. The Company utilizes a technology that achieves systemic delivery for target specific protein inhibition for any gene product that is over-expressed in disease. The Company's drug delivery and antisense technology, called DNAbilize, is a platform that uses P-ethoxy, which is a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) backbone modification that is intended to protect the DNA from destruction by the body's enzymes when circulating in vivo, incorporated inside of a neutral charged lipid bilayer. In vivo, the DNAbilize delivered antisense drug substances are systemically distributed across the body to allow for reduction or elimination of proteins in blood diseases and solid organs. Using DNAbilize as a platform for drug manufacturing, the Company has approximately three antisense drug candidates in development to treat a total of over five different cancer disease indications.