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About AWH
Aspira Women’s Health Inc., formerly Vermillion, Inc., is engaged in the business of developing and commercializing diagnostic tests for gynecologic disease. The Company sells OVA1, Overa and OVA1PLUS risk of malignancy tests for ovarian cancer. The Company also sells a product for genetic testing for specific women’s health diseases, called ASPiRA GenetiX, with a core focus on ovarian cancer. OVA1 is a blood test designed to, in addition to a physician’s clinical assessment of a woman with a pelvic mass, identify women who are at risk of having a malignant ovarian tumor before planned surgery. The Overa is a second-generation biomarker panel intended to maintain its product’s sensitivity while improving specificity. OVA1PLUS is a service offering combining its OVA1 and Overa products, designed to enhance accuracy and reduce false elevations in the intermediate-risk area.