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About AIP
Arteris, Inc., is a provider of interconnect and other intellectual property (IP) technology that manages the on-chip communications in System-on-Chip (SoC) semiconductor devices. The Company's products enable its customers to deliver increasingly complex SoCs that not only process data but are also able to make decisions. The Company's interconnect IP solutions offer connections to multiple industry standard processors such as Arm, RISC-V, CEVA, Synopsys ARC and MIPS, as well as memory controllers, I/O and a variety of IP subsystems, to enable customers to integrate such IP blocks. The Company offer the semiconductor industry a commercially available interconnect IP portfolio. Its interconnect IP product portfolio includes FlexNoC, Ncore, CodaCache and Physical Interconnect Aware NoC Optimizer (PIANO). Its IP deployment product portfolio includes Specification, Design, Documentation and Design Data Intelligence.