Bond Exodus Vindicated After $1.2 Billion Flow From Treasury ETF
Bloomberg · 11/09 15:12
Biden’s Victory Triggers Largest EM ETFs Inflows in 10 Months
Bloomberg · 11/09 12:59
Option Strategies: Don't Buy And Sell Shares, Write Options Instead
Buying and selling stocks can be replaced with option writing.This strategy applies only to certain companies with specific criteria.Whether the options are written in the money or out of the money depends primarily on the stock trend and whether the stock is overvalued or undervalued.A portfolio of written options creates an efficient frontier that is much better than a portfolio of diversified stocks (lower risks and higher returns).
Seekingalpha · 11/03 12:00
Selling opportunity before election? VIX climbs to highest since June
The [[VIX]] has been elevated for awhile, but maybe not high enough to lure in sellers. The selloff in stocks, though, has resulted in a spike in the volatility index
Seekingalpha · 10/28 16:04
Citigroup prepares for contested presidential election
Citigroup ([[C]] -1.5%) "will certainly be prepared" for the possibility of a contested presidential election that might disrupt the stock market, the bank's CEO, Michael Corbat, told Yahoo Finance in
Seekingalpha · 10/26 14:26
Volatility Is Back: Keep Calm And Carry On
Volatility in the technology sector has increased significantly.Growth, COVID-19, and U.S. Election are driving volatility.Volatility can often mislead investors into making bad decisions.
Seekingalpha · 10/06 11:01
It's Time To Buy SVXY
The VIX is elevated against historical figures, which suggests that it’s likely going to fall over the next month.Seasonal tendencies suggest that we may see a rally in the VIX in the latter part of October.SVXY is a solid long-run buy, as it is capturing VIX contango roll yield.
Seekingalpha · 09/23 01:26
Sell VIXM While It Remains High
VIXM is following a methodology which declines at a pace of about 20% which means that the current elevated levels will likely prove to be excellent shorting opportunities.VIXM's exposure means that prompt changes in the VIX will be diminished for VIXM shareholders.Given VIXM's exposure is at minimum four months ahead, prompt developments in the VIX are likely not going to materially benefit shareholders.
Seekingalpha · 09/10 17:44
This Week's Top Performing ETFs: 09/06/2020
These were last week’s top performing ETFs. We’ve excluded funds which use leverage or make inverse bets on their underlying assets. This week was all about that volatility! Our top two performers for last week are based on VIX short term futures and made gains over 13%. Mid-term VIX fund, ProShares
ETF Database · 09/08 15:20
VIXM: Short-Term Bullish, Long-Term Bearish
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/29 18:31
VIXM Still Can't Escape VIX Roll Yield Losses
Seeking Alpha - Article · 07/09 16:46
Volatility Levels May Be About To Spike, Again
Seeking Alpha - Article · 06/15 18:27
Pain trade is 'rotation into value,' while small caps have upside - Wells' Harvey
Seeking Alpha - Article · 06/03 17:27
VIXM: Here's Why It Is Likely Going To Keep Dropping
Seeking Alpha - Article · 05/29 08:42
VXX: 2008, 2011, And 2020
Seeking Alpha - Article · 05/20 19:11
Short-Term Vs. Long-Term VIX
Seeking Alpha - Article · 05/03 19:46
Key VIX Support Levels To Watch As S&P 500 Index Crawls Back To 3000
Seeking Alpha - Article · 04/21 13:49
VXX, UVXV, TVIX and REM among weekly ETF movers
Seeking Alpha - Article · 03/20 21:16
VXX, NUGT, UVXY and TVIX among weekly ETF movers
Seeking Alpha - Article · 03/06 22:08
Avoid Short Volatility Products
Seeking Alpha - Article · 01/24 06:58
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