Trauma Over, Hedge Funds Race Their Bull Market Engines Again
After a bloody week battling day traders, professional speculators are ramping up risk again, pushing their equity exposure to the highest level on record.
Bloomberg · 02/04 22:33
Bitcoin: One Big Risk When Investing in Crypto Funds
One of the simplest ways to buy Bitcoin also has a quirk that could lead to bigger losses.
Bloomberg · 02/04 10:00
Help, My ETF Got Hijacked by an Internet Flash Mob
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Bloomberg · 02/04 09:07
Cathie Wood’s Nod Boosts DraftKings in New Sign of Her Power
The Cathie Wood effect is back in full force, lifting online sports-betting company DraftKings Inc. after it gained the Ark Investment Management head’s stamp of approval.
Bloomberg · 02/03 15:07
Silver Finds Calmer Tone After Posting Biggest Drop Since August
Silver gained after the biggest loss since August, with markets calming following the buying frenzy that sent prices to an eight-year high earlier this week.
Bloomberg · 02/03 02:55
Covid Online Boom Just the Start for Top Emerging-Market ETF
Bloomberg · 12/28/2020 14:56
How ETNs Became ETFs’ Riskier, Less-Loved Cousins
Exchange-traded funds, which soared in popularity during the last decade, have a lesser-known cousin called the exchange-traded note. While ETFs and ETNs may sound a lot alike, there are huge differences, especially when it comes to risk. Massive price swings in 2020 have contributed to greater awareness about the downsides of ETNs. Now, their issuers are shutting them down at the fastest pace ever.
Bloomberg · 12/28/2020 05:00
A Speculative Frenzy Is Sweeping Wall Street and World Markets
Animal spirits are famously running wild across Wall Street, but crunch the numbers and this bull market is even crazier than it seems.
Bloomberg · 12/19/2020 21:00
Crypto FOMO Makes Even a 350% Premium on Bitcoin Look Appealing
Bloomberg · 12/19/2020 14:15
De Blasio Vows Tighter NYPD Oversight After Protest Missteps
Bloomberg · 12/18/2020 18:15
Cathie Wood Sees Control Fight Ending, Lifting Cloud Over Ark
No wonder a private-equity firm was trying to seize control of Cathie Wood’s Ark Investment Management.
Bloomberg · 12/18/2020 13:00
A $19 Billion Player Enters Battle for Thematic Funds in Europe
Bloomberg · 12/18/2020 07:00
Virus Erases $1.7T From Wall Street: Play Multi-Asset ETFs
Virus scare caused a bloodbath in Wall Street this week. Investors seeking shelter may consider these multi asset ETFs.
Zacks · 02/26/2020 18:30
Will Virus Infect Q1 Earnings? Multi-Asset ETFs to Play
Zacks · 02/06/2020 18:34
5 Multi-Asset ETFs to Counter Volatility & Enjoy Solid Yields
Zacks · 01/08/2020 18:00
5 Multi-Asset ETFs to Consider Now
As global markets turned edgy at the start of August, these multi-asset ETFs appear to be good picks.
Zacks · 08/12/2019 13:00
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