The U.S. Federal Reserve Continues To Pour Gasoline On The Commodities Asset Class
The Fed reiterates its new inflation strategy at the September FOMC meeting. More stimulus is on the way. Commodities are already showing signs of strength. On the verge of a rally that could blow away record highs. Stopping inflation when it begins to rise is a leap of faith- Hedge your portfolio with commodities- DBC, RJI, and GSG are diversified ETF products.
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Oil Falls But No Real Signs Of Risk-Off In Commodities
•Stocks fall and oil retreats. •Natural gas corrected from a new high for the year. •Precious metals and copper remain strong. •Grains make a late season move higher. •The bull case for commodities remains compelling- RJI is another option for exposure to the asset class.
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Financing Challenges Are Another Reason Why Commodity Prices Should Head Higher
Commodity finance is critical for producers and traders.The banks are pulling back.Capital charges become prohibitive.Finance charges will cause production costs to soar.The GSCI Commodity-Indexed Trust will move higher with commodity prices.
Seekingalpha · 09/08 14:11
Fed's Inflation Memo Sparked A New Leg Of The Rally: Greer
The Fed’s “inflation running hot” memo has created a pivotal point in the market rally, and the resulting asset price inflation is exactly what the Fed intended.This new leg of the rally should last for months; markets are responding to the Fed’s direction, and there’s not much to stop it between now and the election.There’s still room to run on commodities, as every dollar that’s going to be invested in commodities and commodity stocks this year is not in the markets yet.
Seekingalpha · 09/02 04:21
Why All That Glitters Is Gold
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U.S. Dollar Devalues By 99% Vs. Gold In 100 Years - Gold Price Crosses $2,067
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Gold At $2k+. So Why The Fuss?
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Currency Weakness, Not Fear, Drives Gold Higher
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VanEck Reasserts Case For Gold Investing As Price Hits All-Time Highs
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Switzerland Gold Savings Rate 12%
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Weekly Pricing Pulse: Commodities Push Higher, But With Less Gusto
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Natural Gas Market: We Have Closed All Our Long Positions And We Are Now Cautiously Bearish
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Certain Precious Metals Can Hedge Political Risks
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Central Banks Don't Have Things Under Control: Shedlock
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All The Chatter Regarding Gold Is Overwhelmingly Positive. That Makes Me Cautious
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Trading The Bull Market In Gold With NUGT
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Weekly Pricing Pulse: Commodity Prices Finally Pause Following Multi-Month Climb
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June farm prices received Index up 1.0%
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Natural Gas Market Overview: Annual Storage Surplus Is Projected To Shrink, But The Forward Curve Is Already Somewhat Pricey
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Is Gold Price Action Warning Of Imminent Monetary Collapse Part 2?
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