Niche ETFs Are Winning Over Chinese Investors
There are more thematic exchange-traded funds than broad index ETFs for the first time since China’s ETF market started in 2003.
Bloomberg · 03/22 21:00
Bond Dip Buyers Emerge After Treasury Selloff Hits Record Speed
Bloomberg · 03/22 19:52
Death of a Treasury Bull Market Rocks Faith in Market Winners
Stocks may be catching a breather in Monday trading, but the aftershocks from the sharpest bond selloff in almost five decades are set to reverberate across investing strategies hitched to the cheap-money era.
Bloomberg · 03/22 16:11
Anthony Scaramucci Is Backing the Latest Bid for a Bitcoin ETF
The race for the first Bitcoin ETF in the U.S. is heating up, with another well-known name joining the bandwagon: Anthony Scaramucci.
Bloomberg · 03/22 13:24
BlackRock Cuts Fees on $7.6 Billion Style ETFs to Near Zero
BlackRock Inc.’s revamped $7.6 billion lineup of style ETFs will feature new benchmarks, different tickers and a perk: rock-bottom fees.
Bloomberg · 03/22 12:36
Sovereign borrowing expected to hit $12.6T in 2021, S&P says
Sovereign borrowing will reach $12.6T in 2021, 20% lower than the historical surge in 2020 but still 50% higher than the pre-COVID multiyear average, S&P Global Rating estimates in its
Seekingalpha · 03/07 22:11
Cathie Wood’s Power in Some Stocks Is Even Bigger Than It Seems
A rough week for Cathie Wood is reminding Wall Street that Ark Investment Management has a lot of cash in not that many companies. In fact, the firm’s dominance in some stocks may be even greater than it seems.
Bloomberg · 02/27 21:00
Undaunted Bulls Keep Shoveling Money Into Stocks
Whether it’s heroic resolve or epic naiveté, stock investors are giving no indication that they are troubled by the worst volatility to land on the bond market in a year.
Bloomberg · 02/26 21:07
Bearish Bets Against Biggest Credit ETF Spike to All-Time High
Bloomberg · 02/26 17:45
GameStop (GME), Airbnb (ABNB), Tesla (TSLA), Ark ETFs (ARKK): Investments Bets
Bloomberg Wealth reviews assets that made a splash this week.
Bloomberg · 02/26 14:35
Cathie Wood’s Main ETF Fluctuates After $4.9 Billion Asset Drop
Ark Investment Management’s miserable week showed signs of easing on Friday, as its flagship exchange-traded fund battled to avoid a fifth day of declines.
Bloomberg · 02/26 14:05
Risk-Parity Quants Hammered by Stocks and Bonds Moving Together
One of the ugliest things about this week’s selloff is that there are so few places to hide, and that’s bad news for a breed of quant which seeks to spread out risk across assets.
Bloomberg · 02/26 13:22
Gold Gets Hit as Spike in Yields, Exodus From ETFs Hurt Prices
Gold headed for its worst month since late 2016 as a stronger dollar and expectations for improving economies diminish demand for the haven asset.
Bloomberg · 02/26 01:01
Ten-Year Rate Spike Sinks Tesla and ARKK, Deepening Tech Carnage
The rout in popular technology shares accelerated after the 10-year Treasury rate spiked as much as 23 points, fueling worry that the Federal Reserve will be forced to raise interest rates.
Bloomberg · 02/25 18:53
Investors Make a Triple-Leveraged Bet Tech Pain Won’t Last
Bloomberg · 02/25 16:44
Cathie Wood Says Bitcoin Has Trillions in Market Cap Potential
Cathie Wood says Bitcoin is in “early days” given its new interest from institutions and its diverse use cases.
Bloomberg · 02/25 16:20
Gold Extends Decline With Rising Yields Curbing Metal’s Appeal
Bloomberg · 02/25 16:19
ETF That Lost 80% of Assets in GameStop Drama Faces New Turmoil
State Street’s $786 million exchange-traded fund investing in retailers was only just recovering from its last brush with GameStop Corp. Now it’s all happening again.
Bloomberg · 02/25 15:45
JPMorgan Says Investors Could Make Bitcoin 1% of Portfolios
JPMorgan Chase & Co. is the latest Wall Street firm floating the idea of investors using Bitcoin as a way to diversify their portfolios.
Bloomberg · 02/25 14:59
Ark’s Flagship Fund Slips in Early Trading as Flows Stabilize
Cathie Wood’s flagship exchange-traded fund edged lower in early trading on Thursday, poised to extend its decline into a fourth day.
Bloomberg · 02/25 10:31
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