Rates Spark: Markets Are Still Digesting Biden's Departure
US Biden's withdrawal did not have a material impact on EUR rates. The biggest impact for Treasuries was a late-in-the-day rise in yields. Weaker growth data later this week should help the EUR curve steepening. The ECB's Survey of Monetary Analysts shows a well-anchored ECB terminal rate of 2.25%.
Seeking Alpha · 8h ago
Weekly Report: what happened at FIBR last week (0715-0719)?
Weekly Report · 1d ago
Has The Neutral Rate Of Interest Increased?
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Rates Spark: Lagarde Clear About Not Committing To Cuts
Seeking Alpha · 4d ago
Rates Spark: ECB Unlikely To Satisfy Doves
European Central Bank is not likely to cut at this meeting and will likely refrain from committing to future cuts. Markets are already pricing in two more 25bp cuts for this year. In the US, the momentum is stronger towards a rate cut. In France, the political challenges continue to evolve but markets remain unmoved.
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Rates Spark: Pricing Of ECB Cuts Facing Limits
Market pricing for 2024 ECB cuts looks stretched. Markets are now pricing in 48bp of ECB cuts in 2024, just shy of two full 25bp cuts. Three UK rate cuts still on the table this year. The Fed’s Beige Book is scheduled for later today.
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Rates Spark: Trump Assassination Attempt Contributes To Steeper Curves
Seeking Alpha · 07/16 12:00
Chart Of The Week: Treasury Yield Curve Signaling 'All Clear'
Home Market Outlook Economy Analysis Chart Of The Week: Treasury Yield Curve Signaling 'All Clear' ahead of many recessions in US economic history, the yield curve has gone negative - or "inverted" The 2-10 spread between the 10-year and 2-year yields is now at minus-27 basis points. The MoneyShow Chart of the Week for July 15, 2024 is Mike Larson's chart of the week.
Seeking Alpha · 07/15 18:05
Markets Confident That Rate Cuts Will Start In September
Markets Confident That Rate Cuts Will Start In September. Fed funds futures are now pricing in a high probability that the central bank will start cutting rates at the Sep. 18 FOMC meeting. Tomorrow’s US retail sales report for June. Signs that the US economy is slowing is another factor that supports a dovish pivot for monetary policy.
Seeking Alpha · 07/15 14:15
Weekly Report: what happened at FIBR last week (0708-0712)?
Weekly Report · 07/15 09:56
Mortgage Rates Are Likely To Decline In The Near Future
In June 2024, the 30-year fixed rate mortgage rate was around 6.9 percent. Inflation will eventually return to 2 percent per year. Lower long-term Treasury rates and lower spreads in the near future will translate into lower mortgage rates. Mortgage rates are likely to be lower in the future.
Seeking Alpha · 07/12 14:35
Beneath The Skin Of CPI Inflation: Historic Plunge In Durable Goods Prices, Plunge In Gasoline, And Outliers In Services
Consumer Price Index for June was pushed down by plunging gasoline prices, plunge in prices of durable goods, and outliers in services. In June, core services prices rose at the smallest pace since the summer of 2021. The CPI fell by 4.1% year-over-year in June, the biggest drop since 2003.
Seeking Alpha · 07/12 12:00
Soft U.S. Inflation Boosts Confidence In A Return To Target
Seeking Alpha · 07/11 15:59
In Search Of The Elusive Neutral Interest Rate
Seeking Alpha · 07/10 19:15
When Will The Yield Curve 'Un'Invert?
Seeking Alpha · 07/10 16:20
Bond Market Annual Returns: Beware Of Curve Steepening
Seeking Alpha · 07/10 15:50
Fed's Powell Signals A Willingness To Cut Rates, But More Progress Is Required
Fed's Powell Signals A Willingness To Cut Rates, But More Progress Is Required. Jackson Hole could firm up expectations of a September interest rate cut in the US. Economy remains robust, but some progress has been made. Two-way risks are also emerging in Jerome Powell's testimony to the US Senate.
Seeking Alpha · 07/09 16:59
Weekly Report: what happened at FIBR last week (0701-0705)?
Weekly Report · 07/08 09:56
Treasury Finally Issues Some Long-Term Debt
Treasury Finally Issues Some Long-Term Debt in 2 of the last 3 months. In the first six months of 2024, the Treasury has added over $870B in new debt. The Treasury could be paying lower rates today by issuing longer-term debt. Treasury is in a tough spot as rising interest payments have exploded debt service costs.
Seeking Alpha · 07/06 10:20
Markets Continue To Expect Rate Cuts After Fed Chair's Comments
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell gave the doves most of what they wanted to hear. Powell's overall message favored expectations that policy easing is on the near-term horizon. The core reading of Fed’s preferred inflation measure eased in May to 2.6% - its softest pace in three years. Markets continue to expect rate cuts after Fed Chair's Comments.
Seeking Alpha · 07/03 18:59
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