Zhitong Finance APP News, China Merchants Energy Shipping (601872.SH) announced that the company, through its wholly-owned subsidiaries and related party China Merchants Industry, signed 8 "Ship Ordering Agreements" on November 13, 2023, ordering 2 ships with a load capacity of 82,000 ton dry bulk carriers and two 62,000-dwt multi-purpose ships; at the same time, the buyer’s order option was exercised to order four methanol dual-fuel PCTCs; the total price of the above-mentioned eight ship-building agreements was US$508 million.
Zhitongcaijing · 11/13 10:57
According to the Zhitong Finance App, China Merchants Shipping (601872.SH) issued an announcement. The company signed 8 “Ship Ordering Agreements” on November 13, 2023 through its wholly-owned subsidiary and related party, China Merchants Industry, to order 2 82,000 DWT dry bulk carriers and 2 62,000 DWT multi-purpose ships; at the same time, it exercised the buyer's order option to order 4 methanol dual-fuel PCTC; the total price of the 8 ship contract agreements mentioned above was US$508 million.