Microsoft's Challenging Week: Legal Scrutiny in EU, Teams Outages, and Security Enhancements for Windows 11
Benzinga · 09/15 12:14

In today's news roundup for Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT), we delve into the company's legal challenges in the European Union, recent outages affecting Microsoft Teams, and a new security feature aimed at enhancing Windows 11 security.

EU Antitrust Complaint Over Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is facing a formal complaint from the European Union's antitrust enforcers regarding its Teams video-conferencing app. 

The European Commission is preparing a statement of objections, as Microsoft's proposal to sell Teams separately from its business software package failed to alleviate regulatory concerns. 

The company is also under scrutiny for its licensing practices and bundling of cloud systems with Windows. Read more here.

Microsoft Teams Outages

Microsoft Teams experienced an outage in North America, adding to a series of outages affecting Microsoft 365 services over the past eight months. 

These incidents have raised concerns about the reliability of Microsoft's cloud-based services, impacting both individual and enterprise users. Full details here.

New Security Feature in Windows 11

Microsoft has introduced a new security feature in Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25951 that allows administrators to block New Technology Lan Manager (NTLM) over the Server Message Block (SMB) protocol. 

This update aims to prevent password-cracking attacks and enhance overall security. 

It is part of Microsoft's larger strategy to phase out NTLM usage in Windows. More on this here.

Disclaimer: This article was developed with the aid of artificial intelligence and Ultima Insights and underwent an editorial review.