Kurdsat HD Leads the Way: Becomes the First Channel to Utilize iKOGUIDE on the Nilesat Position
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iKOGUIDE is the only Cloud EPG service available in the market today

PFAFFIKON, Switzerland, Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Kurdsat HD, the trailblazing television channel in the highly competitive Nilesat position, makes history by adopting iKOGUIDE, the revolutionary TV guide editor developed by iKO Media Group. In a groundbreaking move, Kurdsat HD becomes the first channel to harness the transformative power of iKOGUIDE on the Nilesat position, revolutionizing the viewer experience for millions of avid television enthusiasts.

Kurdsat TV uses iKOGUIDE Cloud service for end-to-end EPG service. Programs are generated using recurring events and output as 60-second EIT transport stream chunks, UTF-8 encoded and multiplexed into customer output mux. Once configured, all processes are fully automated, and no human touch is needed.

iKOGUIDE redefines how viewers engage with television programming, and Kurdsat HD is at the forefront of this innovative revolution. By integrating iKOGUIDE into its operations, Kurdsat HD seamlessly manages, customizes, and enhances its program schedule, empowering viewers with unparalleled access to their favorite shows. With its user-friendly platform, iKOGUIDE transforms the way audiences explore and interact with the channel's diverse content offerings.

Zagros Rasheed, the CEO of Kurdsat, expressed his excitement about this groundbreaking achievement, stating, "We are proud to be the first channel on the Nilesat position to introduce iKOGUIDE. This remarkable solution will redefine the viewer experience for our dedicated audience. With iKOGUIDE, we can effortlessly manage and personalize our TV guide, enabling viewers to easily discover, plan, and enjoy their preferred programs. It is a game-changer for us and our viewers."

iKOGUIDE's intuitive interface empowers Kurdsat HD to curate a comprehensive program guide, delivering a seamless and immersive viewer experience. By simplifying the complexities associated with traditional TV guides, iKOGUIDE enables viewers to effortlessly explore new shows, stay informed about upcoming programs, and navigate their entertainment options with ease. The enhanced viewer experience offered by iKOGUIDE fosters deeper audience engagement, strengthens loyalty, and solidifies Kurdsat HD's position as an industry pioneer on the Nilesat position.

David Treadway, Chairman of iKO Media Group, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We are thrilled to announce that Kurdsat HD is the first channel on the Nilesat position to embrace iKOGUIDE. This monumental achievement highlights our commitment to revolutionizing the viewer experience through innovative solutions. With iKOGUIDE, Kurdsat HD can effortlessly manage and personalize their TV guide, ensuring viewers enjoy unprecedented convenience and engagement. We firmly believe that iKOGUIDE will reshape how viewers interact with television and propel the industry forward."

By adopting iKOGUIDE, Kurdsat HD sets a new benchmark for the viewer experience on the Nilesat position. This groundbreaking implementation opens up endless possibilities, enabling Kurdsat HD to provide unparalleled convenience, engagement, and satisfaction for its valued viewers. Furthermore, iKOGUIDE introduces the potential for additional revenue streams, ensuring sustainable growth and success for Kurdsat HD.

For more information about Kurdsat HD and iKOGUIDE, please contact press@kurdsat.com or visit https://kurdsat.com/prs/.

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Kurdsat HD stands as the vanguard of television channels within the fiercely competitive Nilesat position, serving millions of viewers across the region. Renowned for its diverse and captivating programming, Kurdsat HD has become a trusted source of information and entertainment. Committed to delivering an exceptional viewer experience, Kurdsat HD continues to push boundaries and set new industry standards.

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