Pastor Urges Not To 'Resist Authority' Who 'Actually Work For God' As DeSantis-Backed Florida Board Revokes Disney Employees' Perks
Benzinga · 09/15 08:40

A guest pastor asked to avoid resisting authority as a Florida board appointed by Governor Ron DeSantis stripped Disney World employees of their perks, Business Insider reported.

The board meeting was initiated by Pastor David Netzorg, founder of the Emmaus Church. Netzorg promoted the concept of subjection to governing authorities, stating that government work is “a calling” and employees “actually work for God.”

The board in question governs the land belonging to Disney World. In a recent move, it stripped workers of previously guaranteed perks, including free passes to the parks and resorts for the area’s firefighters.

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Last month, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District board revoked these benefits, leading to significant backlash from employees who argue that the perks were a key incentive for their employment with Disney.

Governor DeSantis has been at odds with Disney due to the company’s opposition to an education bill that restricted student exposure to gender identity discussions. In retaliation, DeSantis cut Disney’s special tax status and appointed a new board to oversee the area. Disney has responded with a lawsuit.

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