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BRENTWOOD, Tenn., May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MicroNuclear©, LLC has selected Premier Technology, Inc. of Blackfoot, ID to manufacture its Molten Salt Nuclear Battery©.

"Premier Technology, Inc. has partnered with MicroNuclear since the beginning of our effort to develop the molten salt nuclear battery. They have fabricated the ohmically heated prototypes as per our specifications and have materially added to the design by bringing their expertise in manufacturing to bear. We are excited to work with them going forward," stated Richard Christensen, CTO of MicroNuclear.

"Premier Technology has spent more than a decade preparing our team, facilities, and equipment to be ready to support the needs of reactor developers and researchers. We are honored to support MicroNuclear with their efforts to deploy the Molten Salt Nuclear Battery," added Doug Sayer, Founder of Premier Technology.

The Molten Salt Nuclear Battery (MsNB©) is a microreactor designed to generate heat and electricity. The MsNB was conceived by Tennessee-based MicroNuclear LLC's Dr. Paul Marotta, CTO Dr. Richard Christensen, and Idaho National Laboratory Research Scientist Piyush Sabharwall. The MsNB design is based upon the successful molten salt reactor experiment in the 1960s. It is referred to as a battery because it is manufactured in a factory, transported to the site, installed, and at the end of its 10-year life, is simply replaced with a new MsNB.

About Premier Technology

Premier Technology, Inc. is a privately held small business, serving a wide range of global industries with innovative design, engineering, custom fabrication, system integration, and field installation support. Premier Technology is a full-service design to delivery provider, with a customer base in the Department of Energy, Department of Defense, commercial nuclear, food processing, and mining industries. Learn more at www.ptius.net.

About the Molten Salt Nuclear Battery

The MsNB is a molten mix of nuclear fuel and a chemical salt. It uses fluoride salt because of its desirable characteristics when mixed with either Uranium or Plutonium fuel. The MsNB uses natural circulation, moving the molten salt nuclear fuel through the reactor without the need for pumps, valves, or coolant loops, enhancing safety, reliability, and reducing cost.

The MsNB is compact, factory produced, and transportable. It can be installed in critical infrastructure such as municipal buildings, hospitals, military bases, and is ideal for industrial applications, desalination facilities, hydrogen production, and remote villages, providing reliable, sustained, and uninterrupted energy. MsNB development is mature, leading prototype production. Learn more at www.micronucleartech.com.

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