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Trump's Niece Says His 'Density Of Horrors' Will Finally Catch Up With Him: 'It's Going To Be… Death By A Thousand Lashes'

Benzinga · 01/07/2023 15:32

Donald Trump’s niece Mary Trump once again slammed her uncle for his multiple wrongdoings and suggested that his fate might finally catch up with him.

While appearing on the Daily Beast’s "New Abnormal" podcast, Mary said the former president is still running free, raising tens of millions of dollars every month and running for office yet again despite all his setbacks, including a slew of legal cases and the Jan. 6 Congressional committee indicting him.

“Poetic justice that we seem to have reached a tipping point, and I said this a long time ago, it's going to be, and I mean this figuratively, of course, death by a thousand lashes, there will be no one thing,” she said.

The cumulative sort of "density of horrors" will finally catch up with him, she added.

Mary, who is a psychologist by profession and is a political commentator, said, although her uncle’s predicament looks bad on paper, it isn’t currently having much of an impact on him or his ability to “roam free in the world.”

“I think that’s one of the things 2023 will be for, and that is accountability,” she said.

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If America is going to be a properly functioning democracy, not just Trump but "everybody else who is complicit in his crimes should be held accountable," she added.

When asked what the midterm election results suggest, she said the media once again "failed miserably" in doing its job and made a race that was about fundamental human rights into one about inflation and high gas prices. These economic challenges, she said, are out of the control of anybody running the government.

Another thing to note is the red political Tsunami never materialized, and Democrats lost control of the House by just a slim majority, she noted. “So people are paying attention, and it completely changed the narrative,” she added.

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Photo: courtesy of Shutterstock.