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McCarthy Heads Into Chamber Without Saying He Has Votes Locked Up

The Wall Street Journal · 01/06/2023 22:25

By Siobhan Hughes

Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy headed onto the House floor telling reporters that "We'll eventually get there one way or another," as he was pressed on whether he had the votes to lock up the speakership.

When asked whether he had sufficient support for a rules package, Mr. McCarthy (R.,Calif.) said, "Let's just wait and see how it goes."

"It's going to be interesting times on everything," he said. "I apologize," he said, noting that "I'm running late," as he headed in after the 10 p.m. restart of the House session.

Mr. McCarthy emerged from the speaker's offices after Reps. Patrick McHenry (R., N.C.) and Steve Scalise (R., La.) -- who would be House majority leader under Mr. McCarthy -- had already departed.

As Mr. Scalise headed to the floor for an imminent vote, he said that "We've been talking to some of the members that still didn't vote for Kevin on the last ballot. So hopefully that gets worked out between now and then."

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