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AI Now Set To Don Lawyer's Robes As A Robot May Defend A Human In Court For The First Time

Benzinga · 01/06/2023 13:11

In February, likely for the first time, an artificial intelligence, or AI, bot, will defend and advise a human during a court hearing. 

What Happened: The robot lawyer is set to debut in court next month, but its makers are tight-lipped about the location of the court and the defendant's name, reported Business Insider. 

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This first-of-its-kind technological miracle belongs to a company called DoNotPay, founded by Stanford University computer scientist Joshua Browder

The robot lawyer will reportedly listen to the court proceedings in real-time through an app called 'DoNotPay' on the defendant's smartphone. After assessing the arguments, it will guide the defendant through an earpiece regarding how and what to say. 

While currently, there are no reports about legal AI bots behaving unpredictably, the possibility of such errors cannot be discarded, the report noted. 

In addition, one potential issue to consider is that AI bots cannot be sued, which could complicate determining liability and compensation matters. 

Browder launched DoNoPay in 2015 as a chatbot that provides reliable legal advice to consumers dealing with issues like parking tickets and late fees. In 2020, the company pivoted to the realm of AI. 

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