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What Happens Next in the House? -- WSJ

The Wall Street Journal · 01/06/2023 06:57

By Eliza Collins

After Rep. Kevin McCarthy failed on the first eleven ballots to be speaker, the House is set to meet again Friday at noon for another vote.

Unless Mr. McCarthy is able to come up with a deal that satisfies most of his detractors, the House will continue voting until he or another lawmaker hits a majority of those present and voting. (If someone votes "present" he or she is subtracted from the total number of lawmakers voting and therefore the requirement to win a majority goes down.)

So what will happen Friday?

Friday morning negotiations between Mr. McCarthy and the 20 Republicans who oppose him are expected to continue. Thursday night Mr. McCarthy said there were some signs of progress. Still, in comments Thursday not all lawmakers appeared winnable.

At noon the House will meet to vote.

Lawmakers can go straight into vote No. 12. Unless at least 16 of the 20 McCarthy opponents have changed their mind, Mr. McCarthy will fail on the12th ballot. In the last three rounds, Mr. McCarthy received 200 votes, but securing the speakership requires a majority of lawmakers present and voting -- or 218 of the current 434 members if all cast votes.

However, the number needed to win is expected to change on Friday with some lawmakers leaving for previous commitments. Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican who was backing Mr. McCarthy, had to return home for a planned non-emergency medical procedure, his aide said.

Republicans can also try to take a vote to adjourn so they can continue negotiating. But a motion to adjourn may not pass. Democrats have been united in opposing those motions, which means that nearly all Republicans must vote in favor to pass it.

Voting can keep repeating until a speaker is chosen, or the House votes to break and reconvene at a later time.

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