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Biden And Germany's Olaf Vow To Provide Armored Vehicles To Ukraine As Zelenskyy Rubbishes Putin's Truce Offer

Benzinga · 01/06/2023 00:45

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy rejected Russia's 36-hour truce offer after Washington and Berlin vowed to provide armored fighting vehicles in a boost to Kyiv

What Happened: U.S. and Germany said they were sending armored fighting vehicles for Ukraine to advance against Vladimir Putin's war that has claimed tens and thousands of lives in the past 10 months. 

The U.S. weapons package, which is likely to be announced on Friday — roughly totaling about $2.8 billion — is expected to include about 50 Bradley Fighting Vehicles as part of security assistance, according to U.S. officials, reported Reuters.

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“Right now the war in Ukraine is at a critical point,” U.S. President Joe Biden told the media, and added, “We have to do everything we can to help the Ukrainians resist Russian aggression.”

According to president Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz‘s joint statement on Thursday, Germany would provide Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicles to Ukraine. The two allies also agreed to train Ukrainian soldiers on how to use them.

Berlin said it would also supply a Patriot air defense battery to Ukraine, which has scored some battlefield successes since Russian forces invaded the country last year.

Meanwhile, Zelenskyy called Putin's truce to offer a trick to stop Ukraine's progression in the eastern Donbas region and bring in more of their own. The Ukrainian leader, rejecting the offer, said there would be no truce until the Kremlin withdraws its forces from Ukraine’s occupied land.

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