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German Chancellor Doesn't Want Donald Trump To Return: Biden Is 'A Very Smart, Very Experienced Politician'

Benzinga · 11/16/2022 06:29

After former U.S President Donald Trump announced his bid to contest the 2024 presidential election, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said he was not very impressed by it. 

What Happened: Scholz said Trump’s announcement was not impressive because it took place after the midterm elections in the U.S., reported Reuters. 

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“One can now also hope that, like in the last elections, a decision against populism will remain possible,” he added before calling the incumbent President, Joe Biden, “a very smart, very experienced politician.”

Biden is “an important trans-Atlanticist,” Scholz said in an interview with broadcaster NTV, adding that he values good cooperation between Europe and America.

During Trump’s presidency, U.S.-German relations had cooled sharply as the former president had repeatedly attacked Germany for its export strength and comparatively low defense spending within the NATO alliance. He had also threatened to punish Germany with unspecified trade sanctions. 

Meanwhile, President Biden, in a tweet from Bali, said, “Donald Trump failed America,” denouncing the former president’s announcement of another run for the White House.

Biden’s tweet accompanied a video compilation saying Trump presided over “rigging economy for rich,” “attacking health care” and “inciting a violent mob” to try and overturn the 2020 election loss.

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